General Results of Planets in the 11th House

The 11th house in a birth chart relates to Gains, Income, elder brother, friends and achievements etc.Here in this article some general important results for each planet placed in this house are described.


Various planets when placed in the 11th house of a birth chart give some general key results as described here. These are only important and key results and in an actual birth chart other astrological influences can alter or extend the results:

The Sun: The native lives a long and rich life, gets favours from authorities and progresses without much efforts. The native lives a life of principles and discipline.

The Moon: The native is of noble character, famous, generous and is bestowed with good life partner and good children. The native may excel in business due to introspective nature.

Mars: Mars placed in this house makes the native lustful, a good speaker, owner of property and wealth, clever and wealthy. He or she gets support from influential persons.

Mercury: The native is intelligent, happy, and truthful and learned in science. One does well in engineering pursuits or service. The native is respected and served by others.

Jupiter: The native is confident, wealthy, and intelligent and have many friends. He or she loves music and achieves recognition and popularity.

Venus: The native earns well, loves comforts and luxuries and enjoys company of opposite sex. In case of a male chance of multiple love affairs cannot be ruled out.

Saturn: The native lives a long and healthy life, likes politics and enjoys a respectful position in career. One may excel in politics.

Rahu: The native is learned, rich and famous and may join defence services. He or she can prosper more in foreign lands.

Ketu: The native have interests in speculative pursuits but has dangers of loss through speculative pursuits such as lottery, gambling and stock exchange etc.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar