Gaja Yoga: Happiness and Prosperity giving Yoga of Astrology

Gaja Yoga is a rare and one of the many auspicious combinations (Yoga) of Vedic Astrology.


How Gaja Yoga is formed?

If in a birth chart the lord of the 9th house as counted from the 11th house occupies the 11th house in conjunction with the Moon and aspected by the lord of the 11th house then Gaja Yoga is formed.

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The 9th house from the 11th house is the 7th house. So the 7th lord should occupy the 11th house along with the Moon and also it should be aspected by the 11th lord.
This Yoga is very rare to occur in real life in its pure form.

When will this Yoga Fructify?

The Yoga will give its main results generally during the conjoined main and sub-periods of the planets involved viz. the lords of the 7th, 11th and strong and auspicious planets falling in their constellations.

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Probable Results of Gaja Yoga

The native in whose birth chart this Yoga is formed is likely to enjoy authority, wealth, conveniences and happiness.

The extent of results will depend upon the strength and favourability of the involved planets.

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A Real Life Example of Gaja Yoga

Since this Yoga is rare to find in practice the only available real life birth chart depicting this Yoga is shown below.


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In this birth chart the 7th lord is the Moon itself and it occupies the 11th house and is under aspect of the 11th lord Mars. The native of this birth chart enjoyed wealth and comforts during the period of exalted Jupiter which occupies the 7th house.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar