Forecast for India’s 69th Year of Independence

From 15th August 2015 India shall enter its 69th year of Independence. The article describes probable general forecasts based upon the year chart and chart of India’s Independence.

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On 15th August 2015 India shall complete its 68 years of independence. This article describes some general predictions for India’s 69th year of independence starting from 15th August 2015 and ending on 14th August 2016.

The probable forecast is based upon the analysis of the year chart for the 69th year (created as per the Tajikviz. ‘Annual Horoscopy’ principles of Vedic astrology) in correlation with India’s chart of Independence.

India’s Chart of Independence and its Inherent Karmic Indications

The above chart is the chart of birth of Independent India. The chart is very badly imbalanced due to conjunction of many planets in the 3rd house. The indications in general are not good for the balanced development of the nation unless some highly dedicated leaders and coherent public opinion, public awareness and efforts change the course of Karmic conditions. No such possibilities seem to be in the present day public awareness and political scenario.

Rahu occupying the 1st house effects general state of Law and Order, public health and honesty and reputation of the governing party. Mars occupying the 2nd house indicates undue expanses, losses and generation of black money. Placement of five planets in the 3rd house creates imbalance as regard to matters of communications, relations with neighbouring countries etc.

Placement of Jupiter in the 6th house indicates ever existence political instability, poor public health, scams and lack of independence of Judiciary system.

Year Chart for the 69th Year

Planetary Periods of the 69th Year with Probable Forecast

As per the principles of Vedic Astrology as applicable to the year chart planets Saturn and Moon will play crucial role during the year from 15th August 2015 till 14th August 2016.

The period of a year will be governed by different planets and probable forecast is described below for each sub-period of the year.

Period of Moon from 15th August 2015 till 15th September 2015

There is probability of financial burden on the masses due to increase in cost of living etc., probability of increase in smuggling activities losses in trade and big businesses, Undue expanses by the government. Aspect of Saturn on the Moon indicates fear and danger of terrorist activities and earthquakes. There are chances of interruptions in Parliamentary activities.

Period of Mars from 16th September 2015 till 6th October 2015

High probability of increase in terrorist activities, border issues, unrest and lack of peace and poor law and order in general. Criminal cases and terrorist activities may rise. Debilitated Mars indicates lack of timely police action and resulting lack of deterrent for criminals. Property rates may escalate further.

Period of Rahu from 7th October 2015 till 30th November 2015

The period is likely to be good for improvement in public health conditions and general law and order. Some activities of the government will be in favour of people and will safeguard government’s reputation for some time.

Period of Jupiter from 1st December 2015 till 18th January 2016

Financial position of banking sector and other financial institutions is likely to improve a little. Conditions of teachers in general and judiciary system may improve comparatively.

Period of Saturn from 19th January 2016 till 15th March 2016

The period is likely to be in favour of industry, mining and service class. Due to some financial benefits to general public government will gain good reputation but there will be extra burden on the exchequer. Good period for children in general. Fear of terrorist attacks.There are chances of interruptions in Parliamentary activities.

Period of Mercury from 16th March 2016 till 6th May 2016

Trade and business in general may suffer due to losses and increase in expenses. Lack of communication is likely among sections of government. Probably this will not be very favourable period for IT industry and intellectual class. There are chances of interruptions in Parliamentary activities.

Period of Ketu from 7th May 2016 till 27th May 2016

It may likely be a period of some natural calamities and accidents. Tourism and foreign affairs may suffer somewhat due to poor law and order and calamities etc.

Period of Venus from 28th May 2016 till 27th July 2016

Some setback to government in their future plans is likely. Loss of national wealth is likely due to financial scams and undue expenses.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar