Five Important Vaastu Related Questions Answered

Five Important Vaastu Related Questions Answered – There is no dearth of books on the subject of Vaastu. Also many Vaastu related articles keep appearing in magazines and newspapers. But generally some crucial questions remain unanswered.

Five Important Vaastu Related Questions Answered

This article gives well researched and experience based practical answers to five important questions related to the vaastu of a house.

(1) In which Direction One’s Head should be While Sleeping?

Ideally Vaastu recommends keeping the head towards South or East direction. The logic behind this is that the head of a human is considered the North Pole while the feet are South Pole. It is a scientific fact that like poles repel each other, so if head which is the North Pole is towards the magnetic North pole of the Earth then due to mutual repulsion one’s sleep will be disturbed.

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(2) What is the Best Colour for a Night Lamp?

A night lamp emitting blue, Green or Yellow colour light is recommended. The lamp should be of very low wattage and ideally an LED lamp of half a watt is the best. Locate the lamp in such a way that it is not in direct sight.

(3) Does Vaastu Recommend a Basement? If Yes detail important point.

Earlier a basement was mainly used for storing goods, but nowadays it is common practice to construct a basement and use it for living.

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From the angle of Vaastu principles a basement can be constructed in the North, east or Northeast directions of a plot. Avoid constructing a basement in the South, West or Southwest directions.

Just in case if in an already constructed house the basement is located in the South, West or Southwest parts of the plot then never use it for living purposes. You may place heavy goods here.Alternately taper down the floor from southwest to northeast and only then use it for living.

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(4) What is the Best Location for a Bore-well?

The ideal location is near the boundary wall in the Northeast corner. Avoid a bore-well in Northwest, Southwest and Southeast directions. As per the principles of Vaastu a bore-well in various directions gives different results as described in table below:

Direction where Bore-well is LocatedProbable Results
NorthHappiness, Peace and Prosperity
SouthProgeny related problems
EastPlenty of Wealth
WestProblems related to health of the residents
NortheastHappiness, Peace and Prosperity
SoutheastProbability of difference of opinion
among family members on important issues
SouthwestDanger of untimely death
NorthwestDanger of enemies

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(5) What is the Rule regarding the total Number of Windows?

The total number of windows in a house should be an even number such as 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 14…etc. But avoid numbers like 10 and 20 which end with a zero. Also avoid all odd numbers such as 1, 3, 5, and 7… on.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar