Are You Feeling Troubled with a Horoscope with Inimical Mars / Manglik horoscope?

Any planet does not give only good results and any planet does not give only bad results. Even it has been seen that planets like Mars, Saturn and Rahu have given auspicious and miraculous fruits. All this depends on the good or bad condition of these planets. Planets may have exalted position, deli bated position, may be in friendly sign, may be in inimical sign, may be aspected by auspicious planets may be and aspected by inimical planets. Due to these conditions the influence or effect of such planets may change. Astrology is a very deep subject and discussing about many serious issues of life cannot be done by just talking about them without complete investigation.

Different opinions about Manglik Horoscope / Inimical Mars

It has been seen that in most cases up to 90% horoscopes the doubt of its being a Manglik is confirmed without making correct investigation. However these horoscopes are not Manglik and they also indicate chances about happiness and prosperity in married life. They also indicate success in many fields of life. It has been seen that most families of India who believe in astrology remain terrified about Manglik horoscope without doing complete investigation. It has been seen that after marriage if any trouble comes in the life of the married couple then Manglik horoscope is held to be responsible for it. It has been seen that only 8% Manglik horoscopes give negative results and others give miraculous and good results like prosperity and possibilities of other good achievements in life. When it comes to talk on the subject of a Manglik horoscope then we will see that sages like Jaimini, Garg,Vashistha, Parashar and Bhrigu have given their independent opinions. There is a quote about Mars:-

If Mars or Saturn are placed in fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house from the ascendant then luck and money gets damaged and one experienced domestic quarrels. If any horoscope clearly shows signs of being manglik then it causes quarrels in the ascendant, in the fourth house it indicates losses of property and conveyance, in seventh house weak health and loss of job, in eighth house loss of age and in twelfth it gives hassles in job and business. Some ancient texts of astrology have given instructions about how to recognize a manglik horoscope and how to know about good signs of a horoscope even if indicates about being manglik. In some horoscopes other planets indicate good results even if that horoscope is manglik.

Role of Mars in Marriage

If you see any horoscope in which Mars is placed in fourth, eighth and twelfth house with Moon, Saturn and Jupiter. And if Saturn has a complete aspect on third, seventh and tenth house if Mars is placed on it then in such a horoscope Mars does not give even the slightest negative result.

Birth Horoscope and Manglik Horoscope

In the birth horoscope if Mars is placed in fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house and Kendra houses like first, fourth, seventh and tenth and triangle houses like fifth and ninth have Jupiter placed in them, or Moon is placed in first, fourth, seventh and tenth and Rahu is placed in sixth or eleventh then such a horoscope is not inflicted with the negative effects of Mars.
In any birth horoscope Mars is placed in the ascendant, fourth, seventh, tenth, eighth and twelfth in Aries, Leo or Taurus sign then such a horoscope cannot be considered to be Manglik.
If Mars is placed in Seventh house in Gemini moon sign or if Mars is placed in the eighth house in Cancer Ascendant, or in Virgo ascendant Mars is placed first, fourth and seventh then it starts giving favorable fruits.

In any birth horoscope Venus is placed in the second house, Rahu is placed with Mars or Mars is being aspected by Jupiter then such kind of Mars gives good results and prosperity.