1. Sun treatment: Look at the rising sun early in the morning. Gaze at the sun until the rays emerge. Avoid looking at the emerging or hot sun.

2. Swing: Stand straight, comfortably with feet apart, facing the sun. Keep your hands relaxed. Gently close your eyes and sway your body from one side to the other. The sun is a source of energy. It tones up and increases the working efficiency of all six-eye muscles and increases blood circulation to the eye. Splashing: After the sun treatment, go under a shed. Fill your mouth with cold water and gently close your eyes. Fill your palms with cold water and splash against the eyes. Do the same at least seven to eight times and gently wipe later.

3. Palming: Sit comfortably and close your eyes gently. Rub your palms and cover your eyes with them, avoiding any pressure on the eyeballs and without allowing light to pass through. If one does not experience complete darkness during palming, and if any colour appears, this indicates that the eyes and mind are under strain. This exercise should be practised for a minimum of two to three minutes. This is one of the best exercises for removing tension, fatigue and myopia. Regular practice improves eyesight. It is a very good exercise for the eye muscles and the optic nerves. Blinking. Sit straight comfortably. Close and open your eyelids rapidly. Repeat three to four times, followed by palming.

4. Gazing at the thumb: Sit straight in any comfortable posture. Stretch both your arms forward up to the shoulder Siddhasana, Sukhasana or Padmasana. This kriya increases stability and concentration of the mind, strengthens the optic nerves, and corrects weakness and certain disorders of the eyes. It cures insomnia if practised at night before sleep.

5 .Gazing at the ball: Throw a ball from one hand to the other. Or, throw the ball to the ground and observe the bounces. One should follow the ball movements and blink after each catch. This exercise improves the accommodation ability of the eyes and also helps to form the blinking habits. Do three to four times. Steam Inhalation: Carry out steam inhalation (adding a few eucalyptus leaves) for 30 seconds to a minute. Gently close your eyes. After finishing, splash cold water and wipe your face gently.