Easy Remedies to unite Lovers

If you are in love with someone and both wish to marry together, but face obstacles, then the following remedial measures will help in fulfilling your desire.


1. For a boy who desires to marry a girl whom he loves but faces some obstacles created by parents or relatives then he should observe the following procedure for 51 days:

In the morning after taking bath worship Maa Durga (Divine Mother in the form of Durga) by lighting a Deepak (oil or pure ghee lamp) and incense before her image and recite the following mantra for 11 rounds using a Tulsi mala (Rosary of 108 beads of Basil wood):


2. For partners who are in love with each other and wish to marry, but face obstacles should each obtain four tiny balls made of silver on the first Friday of the bright half phase of Moon (Shukla Paksha)and wrap these in a square piece of white cloth and always keep wrapped on upper right arm.

Also occasionally take a cup of fresh milk (un-boiled), add some sugar to it and pour it at the root of black berries (jamun) tree.

3.Lovers can increase their mutual love if they both, before sleeping recite two mala (Rosary of 108 beads) each of the ‘Om’ mantra. Each should think about the other while reciting. Occasionally present fresh red rose to each other to end any existing disharmony.

4. For a girl who wishes to marry her lover should on the first Thursday of the bright half phase of Moon she should take an old key less lock and rotate this seven times anticlockwise over her head and throw this on a roundabout without looking back, she will be successful in marrying her desired partner.

5. For marrying your loved one offer the following in a Shiv-Parvati temple after praying:

(a) One red bracelet
(b) One red scarf (chunariya)
(c) One red suit or piece of clothe
(d) A bunch of fresh red flowers
(e) A packet of mehndi
(f) A packet of rauli
(g) One meter length of red ribbon
(h) Seven red coloured bangles.

6. For the girl desiring a particular boy as her husband, should keep fast for 16 consecutive Mondays and on every Monday should offer water at Shivlinga in a Shiva temple.