Role of Prayers in Astrology

Planets and Nakshatras are not just non-living celestial bodies these are personified by deities existing on the astral plane. One can pray to the concerned deity and hope for divine help.

Prayer to God

Prayer to God

In the highest form a prayer is a communication with God; one’s real self-known commonly as the over-self. However, one can pray to the deity of a planet or Nakshatras due to which difficulties and problems are faced as per the birth chart of a native.

The Mechanism of Prayer

To whosoever deity or God one may pray the cure or help is accomplished through one’s own subconscious and over-self. But when we direct our prayer to the concerned deity or God the subconscious comes to know our exact requirement.

First of all, exactly find out which planet or Nakshatras is responsible for your current problem. Set up an altar with idol or image of the concerned deity or god and pray.

How to Pray

Preferably select a time for praying when you feel relaxed and mentally calm. Light an incense stick and a lamp (Deepak) before the idol or image and sit in a comfortable posture facing the idol.

Recite a mantra of the concerned deity and here the number of recitations is not as important as your faith and full concentration.

Request that deity to look into your mind and then mentally repeat what your trouble or problem is and what you desire. Repeat your prayers thrice in clear and exactly same words. You better write down your prayer and make sure that you use simple words and short sentences. You should be hundred per cent clear and concise in what you say. Avoid double meaning words and sentences with ambiguity.

Repeat your prayer three times a day viz. morning, mid-day and evening to be more effective. It is the amount of urgency and intensity of desire carried by your prayer that ensures faster and surer results.

Remember the golden words of John Bunyan, “In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”

The divine looks into your heart to know your true emotions and feelings and does not go merely by what you say.

Sow the Seed and Forget

Prayer does work but remember only the divine knows what is best for you. So do not expect sure shot results for your all wild desires. If anything is essential and is good for your evolution then it has greater chances of being fulfilled. So do your part well keep on praying for your genuine requirements and needs and leave the results to God.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar