Delay in Marriage – Tulsi Vivah

Delay Marriage

Delay Marriage – By Shadopchar Pooja of Tulsi plant one gets peace and prosperity.Marriage is the most important institution in the world. Those who remained bachelors are devoid of many responsibilities in their life.

Delay Marriage

Tulsi Stotra

Vrindarupashach Vrikshashach

Yadhaikatra Bhavanti Cha

Vidurbudhasten Vrindam

Matpriyam Tam Bhajamyahm

Pura Badhuv Ya Devi

Twadou Vrindavane Vane

Ten Vrindavani Khayata

Saubhagyam Tam Bhajamyahm

Asankheyeshu Ch Vishveshu

Pujita ya Nirantaram

Ten Vishvapujitakhayam

Jagat pujjyam Bhajamyahm

Asankhayani Ch Vishvani

Pavitrani Yatha Sada

Tam Vishvpawanim Devim

Virhen Smaramayahm

Deva Na Tushtah Pushapanam

Samoohen Yatha Vina

Tam PushpSaram Shudham Ch

Dirishtumichami Shauktah

Vishve Yatprapti matren

Bhakta nando Bhaved Dhruvam

Nandini Ten Vikhyata Sa

Preeta Bhawtadhi Me.

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Remedies for Delay Marriage

(1) The males who are not getting married inspite of all efforts they must offer a Tulsi leaf to Lord Vishnu every day. It has been written in our religious scriptures that the Lord Shri Hari gets appeased by a single leaf of Tulsi plant more than bathing him with thousands pitchers of nectar.

(2) If one faces delay in marriage, he must donate Tulsi plants. One gets more auspicious results by donating a Tulsi plant than donating thousand of cows.

(3) By chanting the name of Shri Hari (Lord Vishnu) with the rosary of Tulsi, One comes over the hurdles coming in marriage.

(4) Married couple who lack love& affection towards each other, and always remain in tension, they should pour water in Tulsi plant and light a Deepak morning and evening both times.

(5) One must chant Dakshakshasi Mantra ‘Shreeing Hreeing Kleeing Aing Vrindavanaye Swaha’ to appease Goddess Tulsi.

(6) For auspiciousness and prosperity one must offer – Dhoop, Ghee deepak, Sindoor, Chandan, Naivadya and Flower etc and stotra to Tulsi plant. Stotra is like this-

Vrinda Vrindavani, Vishavapujita, Vishavpawani,
Pushpsara, Nandini, Ch Tulsi, Krishjiwani.

Male who are affected due to the delays in marriage or disturbed married life after, they must offer…..

‘Tulsi Dal’ to Lord Vishnu in Kartik Mas and remember Tulsi Namashatak. By chanting ‘Tulsi Namashtak’ one comes over from all the hurdles created in marriage.

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