Damini Yoga; an Auspicious Combination of Vedic Astrology

Damini or Dama Yoga is an auspicious combination of Vedic Astrology..


How this Yoga is formed?

Damini or Dama Yoga is formed if in a birth chart all the seven planets viz. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn occupy any six signs.

Which means at least six different signs are occupied and since there are seven planets any one sign out of these six will have conjunction of two planets, Rahu and Ketu are not counted among these seven planets so these may fall in any signs.

Results of Damini Yoga

In general this yoga bestows wealth, name and fame and good intellect. The extent of the results depend upon the overall nature of the birth chart taking into consideration the nature of signs, planets and houses involved in regard to the ascendant sign of the chart. This point is highlighted by two real life birth charts given below:

Example Birth Chart-1


Although the condition of Damini Yoga is fulfilled in the real life example chart-1 yet it did not give very good results because of overall weakness of the chart. This chart loses strength mainly because of the following points:

The ascendant lord Mercury owns both square houses.
Most favourable planet for the chart viz. Venus occupies the malefic 12th house in its enemy’s sign.

Example Birth Chart-2

Damini Yoga formed in this chart gains strength because of the following main points:

The ascendant lord Moon is under aspect of Jupiter
The Yogakaraka planet Mars occupies its own sign in the 5th house giving rise to a favourable combination.


Because of the overall strength gained by the birth chart as described above, the native of this chart enjoyed wealth and name and fame due to Damini Yoga.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar