Create a Soothing Bedroom with Feng-Shui Tips

A soothing bedroom is a room that invites you, tempts you to be there for a quick nap or afternoon siesta or a good night sleep or to make passionate love with your life partner! Here are some simple Feng-Shui tips to achieve that.


Tip 1 ‘Quality of Air’: Often open the windows or doors during the day in order to let fresh air circulate in your bedroom. Feng-Shui does not recommend stale or pollutant laden air in a bed room.Avoid keeping plants in your bed room. Burning good quality natural essential oils of your choice help purify air. Avoid using unnatural fragrances.

Tip 2 ‘Placement of Bed’: Avoid keeping your bed directly in line with the door.Let your bed be in the area away from the door, but not in line with it. Place the bed in such a way that the door is visible from the bed but not in line with it. Let there be space on both sides of the bed. It is good idea to place a small table or rack on both sides of the bed.

Tip 3 ‘Chose Right Colours’: Best bedroom colours as per FengShui are pale white, light grey, light brown and dark brown or chocolate brown shades. Such colours have healing and calming quality, which is necessary for a good bedroom in order to enjoy a soothing and restorative sleep.

Tip 4 ‘Images and Pictures’: If necessary always display images and pictures on bedroom walls with themes of intimacy, love, beauty, happiness, compassion instead of sadness, loneliness, disputes, dead persons or gory scenes etc.

Tip 5 ‘Proper Lighting’: You should avoid very bright lights in your bedroom. Use dim shaded lamps or better still candles. It is good idea to use a dimmer for increasing or decreasing the brightness. Candle lights not only givean environment of love and intimacy they also give warm and healing feelings. Use candles which are non-toxic and of white, brown or pink colours.

Tip 6 ‘Television, Computer Etc.’: Avoid keeping a television set or computer in your bedroom. Some people do their office work from the bedroom. Keeping office or work related items such as files, computers, calculators, printers etc. fills the room with tension laden ‘Chi’ energy.

Tip 7 ‘Avoid Clutter’: Keep your bedroom clean and well organised. Clutter in the bedroom tends to give sleep disturbances and nightmares.

Even placing a rubbish bin in the bedroom is not recommended.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar