Comparative Importance of Ascendant, Moon Sign and Sun Sign

Vedic Astrology places importance upon the ascendant and the Moon Sign whereas the western astrology considers mainly the Sun Sign for general predictions.


While analysing a birth chart the ascendant and the sign in which the natal Moon is placed are given major importance while the sign in which the Sun is placed is not given any particular importance in general.

Some traditional Indian astrologers even these days follow the Sudarshan Chakra Paditi. Some Vedic Astrology soft-waresinclude a page showing the Sudarshan Chakra.

A Sudarshan Chakra depicts in a circular form all the three charts viz. the Ascendant chart or lagan Kundali, the Moon chart or Chandra Kundali also known as the Rashi Chart and the Sun chart or Surya kundali simultaneously.

The beauty and utility of this wonderful chakra is that you can just in a glance compare any one house as per all the three charts viz. the ascendant chart, the Moon chart and the Sun chart. This clearly illustrates that the traditional Vedic astrologers knew well that even a Sun sign chart carries some importance.

This article highlights the comparative importance of all these three charts:

The Ascendant (Lagna)

The ascendant or Lagan is the rising sign in the eastern horizon at the time of birth.

As our earth rotates around its axis the zodiacal signs rise up at the eastern horizon one after the other. Each sign takes about two hours to fully rise.

The ascendant sign is also called Lagna and the planet which governs that sign is called the ascendant lord or lagnesh.

The ascendant mainly signifies the head above the eye level, brain, physical health, body structure etc. of the native. The strength of the ascendant, its lord and the astrological influences falling on these indicate the quality of brain, physical health, features and complexion of the native.All the remaining houses of a birth chart are analysed as per the ascendant chart.

The Moon Sign (Rashi)

It is the sign where the natal Moon is placed in a birth chart. The Moon sign and the planet governing that sign are given importance in Vedic astrology. This sign is also known as the ‘Rashi’ of the native.

Moon represents the mind, quality of thoughts or the viewpoint or attitude of the native and thus indicates the likes, dislikes, emotions and general nature.

The mental make-up of a nativeinfluences the overall personality, since clarity and purity of thoughts and way of thinking makes a great difference. Thoughts give birth to actions so by analysing the natal Moon and its sign one can predict type of actions a native is likely to take in life.

The strength and favourability of the natal Moon and its sign in the birth chart give indications of overall prosperity and quality of relationships of the native.

Transits of planets and in particular those of Saturn and Jupiter are also observed as per the Moon chart.

The Sun Sign

In Vedic astrology the Sun represents the soul or the core personality of the native in addition to other things. The strength and favourability of the natal Sun must be considered for determining the core personality of the native, his or her way of dealing with seniors, father and all authorities.

Without giving due consideration to the natal Sun and the sign in which it is placed in the birth chart one cannot assess accurately the true personality of the native and also his or her chances of rising high in career.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar