CM’s Insult in Presence of PM is a Blow to Democracy

CM’s Insult in Presence of PM is a Blow to Democracy

The incidents of hooting of acting chief ministers, in the rally of acting prime minister were unfortunate. Modi should have openly and strongly expressed displeasure in order to safeguard elected chief ministers of a democratic country..

Blow to Democracy

No doubt that hooting was done by BJP supporters, but since it was PM’s rally and the acting CM was sharing dais with him, it was PM’s duty to condemn it strongly there and then. As a prime minister of a great democratic country the acting PM must urge his supporters to respect a CM who is also elected by people.

Let us examine Narendra Modi’s birth chart to see what stopped him from condemning it strongly and openly.

Blow to Democracy – Narendra Modi’s Birth Chart:


His ascendant lord Mars is placed in the ascendant which gives him self-confidence and boldness. But debilitated Moon is conjunct Mars and aspected by malefic Rahu, this gives him over-confidence and sense of false superiority over others. This trait is dangerous in a top leader’s chart especially for the safeguard of a delicate democratic setup.

At present he is running the sub-period of Rahu in the main period of Moon. Well as per principles of Vedic astrology such a period creates conflicting behaviour in the native. Both his Moon and Rahu fall in the nakshatra (Constellation) of Saturn. This is a crucial time when Narendra Modi needs to introspect and respect other elected representatives even though belonging to opposition.

He is running this period of Rahu in Moon (Mo/Ra) from 18th April 2013 and it will last till 22nd October 2014.

There is no doubt that it was Rahu which gave him glorious victory in the elections, but Rahu being a malefic here, needs to be pacified. So he must keep a check on his actions and follow the golden rule which says, “Do to others as you want them to do unto you”.

Let us wish him to develop a humble and righteous behaviour towards opposition since democracy cannot survive without a strong opposition.

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