Brahma Yoga

*An Auspicious Combination (Yoga) of Vedic Astrology*

This is a rare auspicious astrological Yoga which is seldom observed in its full form in the birth charts.

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How this Yoga is formed?

If in a birth chart the planets Jupiter and Venus are in a square (Kendra) position respectively from the planets governing the 9th and 11th houses and Mercury is also in a square position from the ascendant lord or the 10th lord then Brahma Yoga is formed in full form.

A Rare Yoga

Brahma Yoga is rarely found in its full form in a birth chart. However it has been observed that even when this yoga occurs partly it bestows good results on the native.
Also the required conditions as stated above cannot be met fully in birth charts of Aries, Cancer and Virgo ascendant signs.

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General Results of Brahma Yoga

As a result of this combination the native is healthy, wealthy and a famous person. The native enjoys luxuries and is a good person at heart with desire to serve others.

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Real Life Example

Following is the birth chart of a native who earlier ruled over an Indian state. Although his being a Virgo ascendant chart the Yoga is not fully formed, yet the native enjoyed most of its good results.

In the following example birth chart Jupiter is in Kendra from the lord of 9th viz. Venus and Venus is in Kendra from the lord of 11th viz. the Moon. Here Mercury itself is the lord of the ascendant and 10th house so its required condition is not met. This has already been explained is due to Virgo ascendant sign.

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But instead of this rare Yoga only partly present this native was a ruler of an Indian state and enjoyed most of the auspicious results.

Brahma Yoga Chart

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar