Balarishta Dosha

Balarishta Dosha and its Remedies

Balarishta Dosha – Though the birth of a child is a happy event for the whole family and is an event brought about by auspicious planetary cycles in the horoscopes of the parents, there are times when the birth occurs under some planetary combinations or asterisms that can endanger the prospects of the child or its closest relatives during the child’s infancy. This condition is called Balarishta or Bala Graha dosha.

Balarishta dosha literally means “problems arising in infancy”. Baalarishta doshas of a new born child threaten the longevity and well-being of the child and also sometimes the prospects of its closest relatives. The child whose horoscope is afflicted with Balarishta dosha will suffer from frequent inexplicable ailments that will fail to respond to conventional medical treatments. Performance of appropriate remedies along with the medical treatment can provide succor to the suffering child and sigh of relief to the parents.

Planetary positions in a child’s horoscope that are indicative of the possibility of Balagraha dosha:

Though there are many combinations given as indicative of balarishta dosha, the easy way to identify whether the horoscope is a Balarishta jataka or not is to check the following main points:

1) Lagna lord will be weak by position and also strength.

2) The 5, 8, 9, and 12th houses will have placement of malefics without the aspect of strong benefics.

3) If Moon being a malefic (Moon is considered to be malefic in its dark phase) is in the 6th or 8th houses without the aspect of benefics.

4) If Moon in 8th house is aspected by Saturn from the 6th house.

5) Moon or the lagna lord afflicted by malefics without the aspect of benefics.

6) Presence of 3 malefics in 4 kendras (Even Sun is considered to be a malefic while judging this).

7) If Moon is in the kendras or 8th house and at the same attains Mrityubhaagas (fateful degrees) of a sign, then the child’s longevity will be threatened. The Fateful degrees are 26th degree of Aries, Taurus 12, Gemini 13, Cancer 25, Leo 24, Virgo 11, Libra 26, Scorpio 14, Sagittarius 13, Capricorn 25, Aquarius 5 and Pisces 12.

Apart from the above considerations, there are certain asterisms which are said to be productive of troubles to closest relatives of the new born child…..

Troubles to closest relatives arising from birth of child in certain asterisms:

1. Troubles indicated to father: Birth in 3rd quarter of Aslesha and Poorvaashaada, in the second quarter of Uttaraashaada and Revati, in the first quarter of Uttaraphalguni and Anuraadhaa, and 4th quarter of Dhanishta can indicate troubles to the child’s father.

2. Troubles to both the parents: Birth in 1st quarter of Poorvaashaada, in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of Pushyam, in the 1st and 2nd quarters of Chitra, in the 1st quarter of Uttaraphalguni can indicate problems to both the parents.

3. Birth in Aslesha 2nd quarter can indicate troubles to the elder siblings.

4. Birth in 1st quarter of Moola nakshatra can indicate troubles to the younger male siblings of the child’s father (the child’s paternal uncle).

5. Troubles to maternal grandmother, grandfather, and maternal uncle:

Birth in first quarter of Chitra, 4th quarter of Visaakha, Anuraadhaa, and Moola, 1st quarter of Satabisha and Poorvabhadra, 2nd quarter of Makha, 3rd quarter of Anuraadhaa, 4th quarter of Poorvaashaada, and Full nakshatra of Rohini can indicate troubles to maternal relatives, and especially to the Maternal uncle.

Remedy for the above conditions when the child’s birth is deemed inauspicious to close relatives is to have the relatives concerned look at their reflection in gingely oil (oil of Sesame seeds) before seeing the child and then looking at the child, and then seeing the reflection in sesame oil again, and then gifting that oil to a vedic Brahmin or to a temple.

Article by: Pandit R. DAKSHINAMOORTHI

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