Astrological Predictions-Whether India will Succeed in Fighting with Corona Virus

The deity of living entities Venus will enter in its own sign Taurus after leaving Aries sign on 28 March after 3:36 minutes during afternoon. In its own sign Taurus the planet Venus will be for 4 months. While being in this sign Taurus Venus will be in its reverse transit and it will be in the sign Gemini after this period.

When Venus will be in its reverse transit then also its transit of this kind will be like a great boon to India in its horoscope. Today the entire India is under the terror of Corona Virus and you may see the entire lockdown around the entire country. India has Taurus ascendant and if Venus enters in its own sign Taurus then this could be like a greatest boon for India in such a critical situation.

In the entire creation Venus is considered to be the presiding planet of life on this earth. It also designates all kind of big and small microbes. You may see many kind of microbes due the effect of Venus. Even independent India had Taurus ascendant and it had yogas like Malyavya that were quite good for it.

The moon sign of India is cancer and whenever India Venus will have transit in it then this will prevent financial losses. If the public of India follows all the instructions given by the Indian government then it can curb the effect of Corona and epidemics. Plus one can also gain victory over the effects of Corona Virus.

In the field of astrology the planet Venus is the presiding planet of procreation. It has white color and designates liver, cough, sperms, eyes, beauty, passion, love, sexual desire, pleasures of this world. It also designates materials of enjoyment, white objects, secret organs etc. The planet Venus also designates poetry, music and painting. Venus is also related to acting. This planet presides on the constellations of baharni, purvaphaluni and purvaashada in the signs of Taurus and Libra. The planet Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces and debilated in the sign of Virgo. Venus depicts the greatest number of microbes that are the basic units of life.

It has been already told that in the ascendant of independent India the transit of Venus is very much good. In such situation the yogas like Malavya will help well in the long run. Venus can manage the entire stock market and it will operate the transactions of shares and debentures. Due to the unique transit of Venus for 4 months India will come out of financial losses that are occurring due to corona virus. Even the transit of Venus in the cancer moon sign will prevent money losses.

This transit has one of the greatest benefits and that is that if the public follows the instructions of the central government then all problems like Corona Virus might get solved soon. There are some corona virus remedies mentioned here. In this situation you have to be away from others and take rest at your home. If the Indian masses do so then diseases like corona will get curbed and one can get victory over such epidemics. In astrology the change of transit in the other house by Venus is very essential. If you want to get more benefit from it then just chant the mantra Om: Namah: Shivay . If you do so then you may get good results.