There is much panic among the public regarding corona virus spread, and governments are doing their best to contain it.

Subsequent to a request from a client/ seeker who requested astro-spiritual guidance regarding this, thought of writing on the same.

corona virus remedies

corona virus remedies

Astrology clues of Corona Virus

As an astrological note, I wish to say that this has astrological signatures similar to the SARS episode of 2002-2003 period (Though the planetary aspects are not exactly same, identical sensitive points of the Universal Zodiac have been triggered by Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars – as in the previous SARS episode).

Situation is likely to taper in its intensity from middle of April 2020, and by end of June 2020 the worst might be over.

When Jupiter shifts into Makara Rashi in accelerated motion from March 30, 2020 it will help in containing this to a great extent, and by end of June 2020, better strategies would be in place to manage the situation satisfactorily.


a) Collective recitals of Vishnu Sahasranaamam and Durga Sahasranaamam will help as a societal remedy to keep the spread of the scourge under control.

b) Special worships may be organized at Thirukadayur Kaalanthaga moorthy shrine, Aghora Moorthy Shrine in Tirvenkaadu, and Vaidyanaatha swaamy temple. I would recommend special worships at Aghora Moorthy Shrine by spiritual aspirants to invoke His Grace to keep this scourge under control. This may be done on a collective basis – responsible spiritual aspirants organizing for grand worship at Aghora Moorthy shrine of Tiruvenkaadu. Another powerful place where prayers can be raised is at the Durgamba temple at Sringeri (in the South of Sringeri – also called Vana Durga temple).

It may seem superstitious to chant mantras to heal a scourge like this from society..BUT, all advanced spiritualists know that any ailment/ pandemic has a boudhika element (scientific element manifest as a viral strain or environmental trigger) and a aadhi-Daiveeka element (spirit of the ailment/ vibration of the ailment)….those who can address energies/ manage vibrations with their spiritual force CAN help in containing episodes like these… There have been documented instances of Saints having controlled epidemics using their spiritual power…

Those who have been initiated into Aghora astra mantra, Pasupatastra maala mantra, and Neelakanta-Aghorastra sthotram may recite these for many repetitions praying for general safety of society at large. I am doing it already personally and request other advanced spiritual sadhakas also to do their bit along these lines to protect the masses from being troubled further by this pandemic.

IMPORTANT: Common people are strictly advised against reciting these powerful mantras indicated in point C above; this suggestion about Aghora Astra mantra, etc. are for advanced spiritualists/ occult healers to follow for societal welfare; am doing it personally – and recommend other initiates in sadhana maarga also to do this to fight against this scourge spiritually. The clue is – Jupiter is in Dhanus in the 12th sign from Saturn in Capricorn…now Jupiter is about to enter Makara from end of the month to join Saturn…so, from the sign of the Archer, Jupiter is going to join Saturn…let the Arrows of Lord Shiva go forth to meet Saturn and end the misery of the masses ruled by Saturn….

Vaishnvite scholars may make use of Vishnu Apaamarjana sthothram, Garuda mantras and Sudarshana astra mantras for the same purpose- using powerful Astra mantra vibrations to heal society at large.

d) Common people can recite the three Names “Achyuta, Ananda, Govinda” 108 times and drink water flavoured with Tulsi leaves…OR, the three Names “BaalambikEsha, VaidyEsha, Bhava RhOga Hara” of Lord Shiva 108 times and drink water flavoured with Vilva leaves. These will help boost your immunity and give you the karmic protection against dangers of this pandemic.

Everyone – including common persons, CAN recite the following mantra:

दुर्गे स्मृता हरसि भीतिमशेषजन्तोः स्वस्थैः स्मृत मतिमतीवशुभां ददासि ।
दारिद्र्यदुःख भयहारिणि का त्वदन्या सर्वोपकारकरणायसदार्द्रचित्ता ॥

At least 9 times or more repetitions – if possible praying for safety of everyone. When Her Children collectively call upon Her, She will come to our rescue.

e) To improve general immunity, a mixture of black pepper, cumin seeds, dried ginger, cinnamon powder, and arisi thippili (Indian long pepper) may be boiled in water and that decoction might be consumed twice a day to boost general immunity.

f) Herbal capsules of Vasaka can be consumed as insurance against respiratory distress/ pulmonary infections…

Please follow the instructions given by authorities from time to time and cooperate with them to contain the spread of this scourge.

From time to time, pandemics/ endemics do trouble society…..and we have survived those…we will do so again.

Don’t panic – just take precautions (I saw mad scrambling for face masks recently, BUT, people seem to be unaware of the necessity to change the masks regularly without which it is pointless!…And no need to rush and create a scarcity of masks to the extent genuine health-care providers who need them have to struggle to lay their hands on them…follow health-department directives on this and don’t panic unnecessarily or do things – namesake….).

one important note…it may be good to shut down and sanitize places where people tend to gather in large numbers…and those of malls/ theatres which are open must AT LEAST NOW – provide for clean water facilities to wash hands with..While people are advised to wash hands and sanitize them regularly, many food courts in reputed malls have no provision of free-flowing water to wash hands with….wiping with mere tissue papers after having a meal is a dangerous thing to do now with this pandemic breathing down on us!).

Please remain positive, apply common-sense, practice basic hygiene strictly, and have the confidence “This too will pass.”

May Divine Grace help us all.

Blessed be

Article by Pandit R DAKSHINA MOORTHI