Asanas, Asanas benefits, list of Asanas

Asanas, an intrinsic part of yoga, are body postures modeled to blend the mind and body and achieve complete physical and mental relaxation. Regular practise of yogasana rejuvenates the entire physiological system. In fact, yogasana postures help the body to maintain good health by improving its immune system.

Asanas work mainly on the endocrine and nervous systems. Since both the systems are inter-related, the effects produced on these two reflect on the other systems as well.


Introduction of Asanas

Maintain good health by improving its immune system.


Consideration to be taken while practising Asanas.


control various diseases, improving physical fitness, etc.

List of Asanas

1. Supine Pose
2. Prone Pose
3. Sitting Pose


A few things need to be remembered while practising Asanas, namely:

1. Develop a habit of drinking water before and after the practise, and if required even during practise.

2. Maintain the asana posture with ease as long as possible and gradually increase the time. If unable to retain the posture for long, repeat it several times to make it easier.

3. Avoid jerky while assuming or releasing the posture. Perform slowly and steadily without any strain. Start with the simple postures and then take up the more difficult ones.

4. Understand the purpose of each asana so that while retaining it, concentration can be bestowed on theed.


In fact, regular practise of yogasana helps in controlling various diseases and improving physical fitness, and improving flexibility of various joints by removing stiffness, increasing immunity and toning up the functioning of kidneys, lungs, intestine, liver and skin. It also helps in breaking down excess fat and increases blood circulation. It increases the coronary blood flow, oxygen assimilation and eases the flow of prance energy to the whole body. Asanas should be practised by individuals depending on age, capacity and the diseases to be treated. They should be performed on an empty stomach. The final position should be maintained with deep and slow breathing. The time limit of retaining the final posture depends on one?s capacity, which can be increased gradually.

List of Asanas :

I. Supine Poses

1. Shavasana(arterial hypertension)

2. Ardha Halasana(burns excess fat)

3. Uttan Padasana (cures nervous weakness& constipation)

4. Utthit Padasana (indigestion& diabetes)

5. Sarvangasana (bronchitis, dyspepsia)

6. Matsyasana (chronic cough, bronchial asthma, congestion)

7. Suptavajrasana (ailments of back, neck& waist)

8. Halasana (asthma, diabetes, menstrual disorder& constipation)

9. Ardha Pavan Muktasana (pain of back, abdomen& buttocks)

10. Pavan Muktasana(constipation)

11. Setubandhasana (arthritis, lumbar spondylysis& sciatica)

12. Skandha Katiasana (arthirtis,asthma,diabetes,constipation& stiff back)

13. Katichalana (back pains, digestion& joint pains)

14. Pagachalana (pain in back, legs& shoulders)

15. Chakrasana (diabetes, asthma, constipation& obesity)

16. Katishaktiasana (sciatica pain, hip joint pain& lumbar spondylysis)

17. Uttan Tadasana (hypertension, heart disease, arthritis, bronchitis)

18. Merudanada Shithilikaran (stiffness of spine and backache)

II. Prone Pose

19. Bhujangasana (cervical spondylysis, bronchitis, asthma& asinophilla)

20. Amila Sulabhasana (pain in lumbar region)

21. Shalabhasana (arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes, bronchitis etc)

22. Ardha Dhanurasana

23. Dhanurasana(relieving flatulence, constipation& menstrual irregularities)

24. Naukasana (body stiffness& back pain)

25. Makarasana (hypertension, heart disease& mental disorders)

III. Sitting Poses

26. Sukhasana (strained& irritable nervous system)

27. Ardra Padmasana

28. Padmasana(spinal cord)

29. Siddhasana

30. Vajrasana (digestion, constipation,seminal weakness)

31. Janushirasana

32. Paschimottanasana (stiffness)

33. Ushtrasana (toned liver, pancreas, kidney& bladder)

34. Shashankasana (arthritic pain)

35. Parvatasana (lumbar, spinal, shoulder& knee pains)

36. Skandhasana.(stiffness of back, neck& shoulder)

37. Hasta Parshvasana (constipation, arthritis, back pain)

38. Vakrasana (enlarged& congested liver& inactive kidney)

39. Ardha Matsyendrasana (obesity, diabetes, dyspepsia& urinary disorders)

40. Mandukasana (constipation, diabetes& digestive disorders)

41. Gomukhasana (sciatica& piles)

42. Simhasana (disease of face, tongue, vocal cords, back& anus)

43. Utthit Padmasana(genital disease)

44. Mayurasana(toned abdominal muscles)

45. Trikonasan (stiffness)

46. Parvat Trikonasana (reducing fat)

47. Udar Abhyas

48. Shirshasana (dyspepsia& constipation)

49. Eye Care (myopia)

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