1. Lie down with face and the forehead touching the ground, arms extended alongside the body and keep the legs straight.

2. Now fold your right leg at the knee and hold it with the left hand and stretch your right hand forward.

3. While inhaling, raise right leg and stretch the body to the maximum. Exhale back to normal.

4. Repeat the same with other hand and leg.

Benefits & Precautions:

The most obvious benefit of the dhanur-asana is that it restores flexibility to the spine. Regular practice will relieve lower back pain and release tension and strain in the upper back and neck area. The alternating stretching and releasing of the abdominal muscles increases blood flow to this area and aids all sorts of digestive disorders and discomforts. Strain or fatigue in the legs is also released after a few repetitions. Extended practice will help develop upper-body strength. Do not use force or jerk while doing this asana. Hernia and Ulcer patients should not do this asana.