All about Pitru Paksh 2023 and Shardh 2023

This article explain all about Pitru Paksh and Shardh 2023. It will cover Shraddha puja / Pitr Paksh vidhi, Tithi and precodure, When to do shraddha after death?, Can daughter do shraddha / Pitr Paksh?, Pitr Paksh / Shardh ceremony food etc

Annual death ceremony tithi and procedure

After the completion of Ganesha utsav the forthcoming 14 days are meant to do the shraddha and worship of ancestors. During this time as a Hindu you have to worship your Pitris who are the ancestors of your family. This time is also known as Pitru Paksha and during it your ancestors come on the earth so that they might expect the puja and food offerings done by you for them. When your ancestors have died then after this incident you have to do shraddha worship or puja in their honor and respect. This puja is generally being done during the days of pitru paksha in the month of September.

Shardh 2023

Shardh 2023 – Shraddha puja vidhi

When you do the worship of your ancestors and pitris then you have to get up early in morning. Just take bath and clean the place of worshiping Gods and your ancestors with the help of holy water or Gangajal. You can make use of cow’s urine for this task. During the days of Shraddha the women of your family should get purified with bath and make food for the ancestors of your family. Invite the Brahmans to your home and welcome them with the help of washing their feet with water. You can worship your pitris with ardent devotion and respect towards them.

Shraddha ritual mantras

When you do the shraddha worship in respect of your ancestors then you have to also chant some basic mantras in this process. Take for examples when you start the shraddha worship, then you have to chant Pitrabhuosh Mahayogibhune Ayo Cham Namah: Swhaaye Swa Dhaye Nityamev bhvanyua ta. You have to chant this mentioned mantra even at the end of doing shraddha puja. While chanting these mantras you should face the East direction. You should also wear clean and well washed clothes. The color of these clothes should be generally white as this color denotes purity and peace. You can also do shraddha rituals with vessels of brass and copper metals.

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When to do shraddha after death?

You can do the shraddha worship between the 1st and 14th forthnights of Pitru Paksha. This worship can be done on any of these forthnights whenever possible. It has been seen that when any family member gets deceased then their male relatives get their head clean shaved. Then they invite other relatives and friends on the 10th or 12th fortnight to serve a family dinner to them. During these days you can also distribute food, clothes and other items to the poor and needy people. This can be done in the memory of your dead ancestors. Even then just remember that shraddha worship should be done during early morning hours.

Can daughter do shraddha?

Some of you might ask can daughters do shraddha worship? Well this is very interesting question. In sacred texts of Hindus it has been mentioned that there is no discrimination on gender basis when it comes to doing shraddha worship and making pinda daan. In this task even females can take part actively. Even then when any family member dies then daughters should not do the funeral rites of the deceased person. In Hindus it has been believed that if females burn the pyre of a dead person then the deceased person will not get salvation that is also known as Moksha.

Shardh 2023 – Shraddha ceremony food

Now when you do the ceremony of shraddha worship then you have to take care of the food issue. Here you have to invite well learned and knowledgeable Brahmins who will do a fire ritual known as homa. In this ritual you have to offer balls of rice in the memory of the deceased ancestors. During the months of Shraddha never eat non vegetarian food. You should not eat meat and you should also refrain from bad habits like drinking alcohol and smoking. You can eat pure vegetarian food like Bajre ki Khichdi, beans vegetable and rice mixed with coriander leaves.

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How to do tarpan at home?

When you do the task of worshiping your deceased ancestors then you have to also do tarpan. This is a very important ritual. This task is done with the following steps:-

1. Just take a stool and place it in the South direction.
2. Place a pure and well washed white cloth over it.
3. Spread barley and sesam seeds over this stool.
4. You have to also keep the photo of your deceased ancestor along with khusa grass.

5. Call and invoke your ancestors with folded hands.
6. Then you can do the tarpan of your ancestors with the help of pure water that will be filled in a copper vessel.
You can do the task of offering tarpan during early morning hours after taking bath and wearing pure white colored clothes.

Shraddha puja

You can do and conduct shraddha puja in the memory of your deceased ancestors. When you worship your ancestors in the Hindu month of Ashwin then they will become pleased and bless you with peace and prosperity. In this way your beloved ancestors will also get salvation from this world. You can do the shraddha puja during the pitru paksha that comes in the month of September. Here you have to worship your ancestors and offer food to them. This will bring peace, happiness and prosperity at your home.

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Annual death ceremony tithi procedure

The procedure of annual death ceremony tithi procedure is very easy. Get up early in the morning. Take bath and arrange all the needed articles to worship your ancestors. Invite Brahmans and do the shraddha puja. Offer food, money and other things to Brahmans. Make food and call your friends and relatives. Then you can have a group lunch or dinner along with them in honor of your deceased ancestors.

The final conclusion

Shraddha puja is a very important custom especially among Hindus. When you do this puja along with your family annually then your pitrus and ancestors will become pleased and will bless you with peace, happiness and prosperity.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar