A Combination (Yoga) of Astrology Called Bhaskara Yoga


There are many good as well as bad combinations of signs, houses and planets which can occur in a birth chart made as per Vedic Astrology. Bhaskara Yoga is one of the auspicious Yogas…

How this Yoga is formed? …

Bhaskara Yoga is formed in a birth chart if Mercury is placed at 2nd place from the Sun, the Moon is at 11th place from Mercury and Jupiter is at 5th or 9th place from the Moon.

Results of Bhaskara Yoga …

As a result of this Yoga formed in a birth chart the native gets wealth and knowledge of scriptures. The native has impressive personality, aristocratic lifestyle and good interest in Astrology and music..

Detailed Observations …

If you observe carefully the Yoga boils down to the requirement that the three planets viz. Moon, Sun and Mercury should fall successively in three houses irrespective to the signs falling in these houses, and Jupiter should be at a trine (5th) position from the Moon.

The 1/5 relative position of Moon and Jupiter and Moon having support of the Sun in the house next to it give favorable strength to this Yoga.

Real Life Example …

The native of the following birth chart was born in 1894 and enjoyed influential personality, wealth and aristocratic life and had good proficiency in scriptures.


The Bhskara Yoga is fully present in this chart as Mercury is in the 9th house at second place from the Sun. The Moon is in the 7th house at 11th place with respect to Mercury. And Jupiter is at 5th place from the Moon.

In addition to the Bhaskara Yoga the following favourable factors gave strength to this birth chart..

• The ascendant lord Moon aspects the ascendant from the 7th house.

• The Moon is supported by other planets in the same as well as neighboring houses on both sides.

• The Moon and Jupiter are at trine places from each other.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar