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For Cancerians this year should be better year for you in comparison to the last year. Saturn will move in to the sixth house after 26th January, 2017 and this is favorable for you. Between 21st June and 26th October, 2017 Saturn will start reversing and will move to the scorpion horoscope. During this period Saturn will be placed in the fifth house from your birth horoscope. Post 26th October, again the sixth house impact will come in to effect. By September, 2017 Jupiter will move to the fourth house and therefore even this will not be auspicious for you. Rahu will get placed in house of your birth horoscope by September 2017 which will make things inauspicious for you.

From health perspective this year should be a better one for you compared to the last. You will not have as many health problem like you had during the last year. On an average, you will be healthy throughout the year. Since Rahu is inauspicious post September this along with Ketu can bring in sudden health related problems for you.

From financial perspective this should be a better year for you compared to the last year. There are chances of you paying of your loans etc. There is possibility of increase in income and your past investment will bring in profits for you.

For people in job this should be better year compared to the last. There are chances of promotion. You should be performing well. People who are unemployed are likely to get employed.

For people in business this year should be better than the last year. You will be at ease because of steady progress at business. But this year as well like the last year, you may face obstacle at business front. You should stay away from high risk investment and should not get lured by the greed.

This will be a favorable year for you in terms of family and socializing. You will have more respect and social prestige in the society. For people who are seeking marriage proposals are likely to finalize and get married as well. Childless couples are likely to get the good news.You will perform anauspicious function at home.

For students this should be better year compared to the last. You will have favorable results coming in this year. All the academic obstacles will clear off. You will be glad to have results as per your expectations as well.

Remedies for Getting Relief

1. You should wear the power locket of your birth horoscope.

2. You should wear the seven, eight and nine faced Rudraksh.

3. You should recite ‘Om shamShaneschareynamah’ and Om Ra Rahweynamah and Om kemketwaynamah as much as possible.

4. You should recite the Vishnusahastranamsrot every day.

5. You should pray to god Shiva and lord Hanuman.

6. You should offer water to the Peepal tree. And should light a mustard oil lamp on Saturday.

7. You should get a horse shoe of a black horse placed at the place of work and home.

8. You should feed the ant and pigeons.

Auspicious List for Cancer

Auspicious Planets: Moon, Mars and Jupiter.

Auspicious Signs: Aries, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Auspicious Colors: Cream, Red, yellow and carrot color.

Auspicious Days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Auspicious Numbers: 1, 2 and 5.

Auspicious Gems: Pearl, Red coral and Yellow Sapphire.

Auspicious Rudraksh: Two faced, three faced and Five faced.

Auspicious Gods: Shiva, Kartikey and Vishnu.

Auspicious Fasts: Monday, Pradosh and Purnima.

Dates to Remember – 2017

January: 2 3 11 12 20 21 29 30 31.

February: 7 8 16 17 18 26 27.

March: 6 7 15 16 17 25 26.

April: 3 4 12 13 22 23 30.

May: 1 9 10 19 20 27 28.

June: 5 6 7 15 16 17 24 25.

July: 2 3 4 12 13 14 21 22 30 31.

August: 9 10 17 18 19 26 27 28.

September: 5 6 14 15 22 23 24.

October: 2 3 4 11 12 20 21 30 31.

November: 7 8 16 17 18 26 27.

December: 5 6 13 14 15 23 24 25.

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