World-Peace rests on America’s Pivotal Role

World War-1 helped America rise as a superpower, but World War-3 will ruin it completely. Around one-fourth of people surveyed believe America is the greatest threat to world peace…….


In 1963 during the main period of Mercury John F. Kennedy could have lifted America from the impending gloom, but the negative internal forces of America silenced him. The situation in the 8th house of America’s mundane chart is of concern to all those who love peace. It’s not the 10th house which governs America rather it’s the 8th house. The 10th lord Sun is conjunct Venus, Mars and Jupiter in the 8th house.


Since 2009 America is running the main period of the ascendant lord Mars and this period will last till 2016. Since Mars is very strong and placed in the 8th house this period of Mars is a threat to world peace. Unless the diminishing positive forces get fortification and overpower the negative forces within the country there may be catastrophic end.

The 10th lord Sun representing the President of USA is placed in the 8th house so he is controlled by the negative forces.

Venus as the 7th lord represents foreign relations international disputes (wars), Peace, Venus also rules the 12th house and as lord of that house it represents conditions which can go against public welfare, the secret plans of the government, crime, terrorism, slavery and threat to people in general. Therefore placement of Venus in the 8th house along with Mars and Sun is a big threat to freedom of people and peace.

Jupiter rules the 2nd and 5th houses. The 2nd house represents national economy and wealth, the 5th house represent children and their interests, public happiness or sorrow and government representatives. So placement of Jupiter in the 8th house endangers children, government representatives and public happiness. Incidentally it needs to be mentioned that around 91 Americans disappear every hour and 85% to 90% of these are children. Children are used as sex slaves or sacrifices etc.

It is quite evident that the powers governing America condemn peace and stability. They want permanent wars and unchallenged global dominance. They stop at nothing and can go to any extent to achieve it. Americans saw a ray of hope when Obama replaced Bush, but now they know; ‘It’s simply old wine in new bottle’ God save the world from impending dangers!

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar