Why washing out used utensils at night important for health?

Bring prosperity and good health to your home by washing out used utensils at night only.

washing utensils

Washing Used utensils

We have stepped in 20th century, the World of modern science and believe. But still we believe in rituals, vaastu and astrology. Not only Indians but world is accepting the fact that Vaastu and certain good practices are very helpful to bring positive vibes, positive energy and prosperity in home. One of those practices is not leaving used utensils in the kitchen at night. This practice is also been said to be beneficial as per vaastu. Let’s see the different perceptive of why people should not leave dirty utensils at kitchen at night.

From Vaastu perspective

Kitchen is said to be the place where, Mother Annapurna resides. It is usually said that we should not waste food as it is insult of Annapurna. Likewise as per vaastu, it is said by many astrologers and vaastu experts that used and dirty utensils should not be kept inside kitchen during the night time. The reason behind such vaastu sayings is that Goddess Annapurna resides in the kitchen and the place should not be kept dirty. It is regarded as insult of Mother Annapurna.

Apart from this, leaving the dirty utensils attracts negative energy and also loss of money. The family may remain in debt is this practice is continued for long time. Sometimes we do not know the consequences of doing some act that may affect the environment and condition of our home. Leaving dirty utensils causes poverty and the family may remain indebted. It is also said that Goddess Lakshmi resides in the house so, it must be clean.

From cleanliness perspective

It is said that a clean house is necessary for healthy living. When a home is clean, the probability of germs and bacteria growth is less. So, the people living inside remain happy and healthy. When every room including kitchen is kept clean, no one falls ills very often. Kitchen is the place, where we cook and eat food. It is the only place where we are intake food that becomes source of our energy. An unhygienic place where utensils are kept dirty and unused for long time may cause germ and bacteria growth. Thus, it is always suggested to wash the dirty utensils at night only and keeping the dirty utensils overnight in the kitchen is a bad Practice.

Thus, from both vaastu perspective and scientific reason, dirty utensils should not be kept at night inside kitchen. For prosperity and good health a clean kitchen is always must.