Why there is so much Selfishness and Greed in Politics?

Why politicians in general are more worried about winning elections than working honestly and dedicatelly for their nation?


The preamble to The Constitution of India, “We the people of India…………..” in practice means, “We the politicians of India……………”

If it were truly the people of India then tell me why the majority of people would choose to live in poverty and degrading conditions of life? It is only the chosen few who run the governments as they desire.

Astrological Significators of Present Day Politics

If it was a clean, honest and dedicated politics then the planet Jupiter will be the main significator. But in this negative cycle of time as at present the righteous planet Jupiter no longer represents politics.

The main astrological significator of politics at present is the north node of the Moon viz. Rahu.

Important Note: Let me clarify that Rahu and Ketu are not always malefic or bad, but only when they operate though their negative or lower influence.

When Rahu operates through its higher or positive influence then it signifies, sensitivity, intuition, prestige, inspiration, integrity and positive individuality. On the other hand when Rahu operates through its lower or negative influence then it signifies crime, selfishness, looting, deceiving, blackmail, extortion, rigidity, clouded mentality, lust, greed etc.

Looking at the present day disgusting political scenario it seems that Rahu in birth charts of majority of politicians operates through its lower or negative principle.

A true patriotic politician the one who operates under higher principles of Rahu will not get discouraged on losing in an election. For him that would only mean that people are not happy with his or her performance. So that politician should work on developing a more positive personality and high degree of work ethics rather than putting more emphasis on propaganda, rallies and better posters.

Let us hope India gets more righteous politicians so that the preamble to our constitution truly means, “We the people of India………”

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar