Which Signs and the Spendthrifts of the Zodiac?

These are tough days and everyone is struggling to have money. Some people lost their job and some people saved their job with salary cuts. In this scenario, we are going to see, which sign is naturally spendthrifts.

Aries spendthrifts

Aries spendthriftsYou are naturally spendthrifts as your money house is ruled by Venus. You like to buy things without a second thought and that will hurt your financial stability. If your Venus is in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, then that indicates a person who cannot save money. You will have to make some wise financial plans, otherwise, there will be a lot of financial crunches as you grow up. So, don’t be late, meet your financial consultant today itself and start planning. You need to avoid spending too much on speculative ventures too.

Taurus spendthrifts

Taurus spendthriftsYou are a very practical sign and you will not be in a hurry to do anything in your life. Taurus being an earth sign is a slow sign, so, you are naturally tended to save money. However, you will be making more money in multiple ways. Your second house is ruled by Gemini, so you will have more than one income-generation method. You will naturally have the talent for money management too, because, Taurus itself indicates money, valuable things, and banking. So, you will use this natural skill in your personal life too.

Gemini spendthrifts

Gemini spendthriftsYou are very intelligent as you are an air sign, and this element indicates intelligence. However, your money matters are ruled by the Moon, which is a fluctuating planet. The moon is always in a waxing and waning mode, hence it is not a stable planet. There will be challenges in early childhood and your family will be a little unstable in finances. As you grow up, you will have to save money, and your intelligence will help you to do so. There will be enough growth, but there is always a shadow of instability regarding finances.

Cancer spendthrifts

Cancer spendthriftsYou are a water sign and an emotional person too. The water connection will make you very much soft and you are ready to do anything for your loved ones. Your money house is primarily ruled by the Sun, so, you will have all the comfort at home as the Sun indicates royal comforts. You will learn a lot of skills from your father and that will be mostly about finances. However, you can have a lot of expenses in your life. At the same time, you will have hands-on experience in the business.

Leo spendthrifts

Leo spendthriftsYou are a royal person as you are ruled by the Sun. Leo is a fiery sign and you are an active person. That will make you very confident, but in the case of finances, you are a very calculative person. Your primary money house is ruled by Virgo and this is the sign for perfection and calculative moves. Being a Leo, you are very calculative regarding your money. However, there will be a lot of opportunities to make a lot of money as you want a royal life.

Virgo spendthrifts

Virgo spendthriftsYou are an earth sign and that shows you are a very practical person. So, you will be very cautious about your finances and that will help you to make and save money also. You will have some good projects to make money on, but there are chances for expenses too. Virgo is the sign for debts, so, you will have to be careful while spending money. This is fifty chances showing gains as well as expenses too.

Libra spendthrifts

Libra spendthriftsYou are an air sign and you are ruled by Venus. Your money house is not in a stable sign so; you will have to take care of your expenses. There will be volatility in making money, so you need to make a good plan for your finances. There will be less balance between gains as well as expenses too. Since you are ruled by Venus, You will naturally be very much interested in pomp and show. That will eventually take you to serious financial issues. So, you will surely need a better financial plan.

Scorpio spendthrifts

Scorpio spendthriftsYou are a watery sign and that makes you very secretive and emotional. Since the money house is ruled by a dual sign, you will have a lot of expenses during this phase. The sign Scorpio indicates loans, financial commitments, and volatility; you will have some complex financial dealings, so you should not make solo moves regarding your money matters. There are chances for multiple expenses, so you should be careful while dealing with your money. Your ruler Mars itself is a reckless planet and that can make you a little directionless regarding money.

Sagittarius spendthrifts

Sagittarius spendthriftsYou are ruled by Jupiter and you are a fiery sign, but your money house is ruled by an earth sign, so, you will have some difficulty in earning money. You will be too optimistic and that may misguide you at times. The fire signs are not very careful regarding spending money. During your youth, you will be a little directionless regarding saving and spending money, but after the thirties, you will be able to save and spend wisely. So, the first half of your life will be a learning session for you.

Capricorn spendthrifts

Capricorn spendthriftsYou are an earth sign and that makes you very practical in every aspect of life. The money house is ruled by Saturn and it is a very slow and calculative planet. You will be always focused on your earnings. However, there will be some delay in starting savings, but as you advance through your life, you will be having multiple sources for earning and you will be an expert in earning money. Until then you will have to take care of your money. You will be even advising people to save money.

Aquarius spendthrifts

Aquarius spendthriftsYou are an air sign and that makes you an intellect. You will know financial plans and that makes savings very easy. There will be a lot of ideas regarding income generation and that will help you to make a lot of money. Aquarians are futuristic and that will be making you very much futuristic and whatever you do, it will be for your gains. There will be a lot of team-related projects in your life. You will be even having your ventures to make more income.

Pisces spendthrifts

Pisces spendthriftsYou are a water sign and that makes you highly emotional and impractical. There will be instability in the finances for a long time, so you will have to be careful. You will be a little confused about where to spend and where to invest. So, you will have to be careful with your expenses. You should learn money management; otherwise, there will be financial issues. Before taking up your ventures, you need to take expert opinion too. Otherwise, your plans may fail.

Article by Astrologer Jayashree