Which direction is not good for Aquarium

Even unintentionally, do not overlook Aquarium maintenance, it can lead to troubles:

In Vastu Shastra, detailed guidance is provided about the correct placement of an aquarium. It is crucial to know this information.

Aquarium direction

Aquarium direction

Which direction is not good for Aquarium :

Nowadays, everyone likes to keep an aquarium in their homes. Moreover, there are also benefits to keeping an aquarium. According to astrology, it is said that a person whose house has an aquarium experiences peace and happiness, and ongoing troubles in life may also be alleviated.

If you always have to face financial difficulties, it is crucial to keep an aquarium at home. However, many times it happens that inadvertently the aquarium is placed in the wrong direction, leading to facing significant troubles.

Do not keep Aquarium in the south direction of the House:

One should not keep anything related to water, including an aquarium, in the south direction of the house. Even items related to the showpiece should not be placed there, as it is believed to lead to financial loss. It is considered that placing the aquarium under natural light can alleviate stress. Additionally, keeping red and black colored fish in the house is considered auspicious. Therefore, it is important to ensure that an aquarium is never placed in the south direction of the house.

Take Special care of Cleanliness:

If you have an aquarium at home, make sure to keep it clean. If you cannot clean it daily, then on Fridays (Friday mantra), add sugar to the aquarium. This may bring you benefits, and it can also help in resolving financial issues. Neglecting cleanliness may displease Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess Lakshmi mantra), leading to inauspicious outcomes.

Do not keep Aquarium in Bedroom:

One should never keep an aquarium in the bedroom at home. This can lead to difficulties in married life. Therefore, pay special attention to this matter.

Do not keep Aquarium in Kitchen:

An aquarium should not be kept in the kitchen. This invites misfortune. Therefore, it is advised to avoid placing an aquarium in the kitchen.