What does the Lord of Wealth Indicate in your Birth Chart?


The 2nd house in a birth chart signifies wealth, accumulated money in addition to other things. This article describes probable general financial indications of the 2nd lord when placed in different houses.

The 2nd house in a birth chart signifies many more things in addition to wealth and in particular accumulated wealth or bank balance of the native. The other things signified are face, family, speech, right eye and eating habits of the native.

In this article the general probable results related to wealth and financial aspects are described as per the placement of the lord of the 2nd house in various houses of a birth chart. These results are very general in nature and may get modify due to various astrological influences in a specific birth chart.

The 2nd Lord Placed in the Ascendant (1st House): In general the native gets wealth due to his or her self-efforts mainly and he or she may remain under burden of financial needs of family members.

The 2nd Lord Placed in the 2nd House: This position of the lord of wealth favours the native and wealth is attracted easily. One may gain through any financial pursuit such as business or service.

The 2nd Lord Placed in the 3rd House: The native may gain through business or association related to industry, communications, transport, travelling, writing, or through association with close relatives.

The 2nd Lord Placed in the 4th House: Gains are likely through sale and purchase of land, property, vehicles. One may get financial support from mother.

The 2nd Lord Placed in the 5th House: The native has chances of earning through speculative pursuits such as lotteries, horse racing, betting etc. Also wealth through activities related to sports, arts and children is likely.

The 2nd Lord Placed in the 6th House: One can gain through service as well as business. The native is likely to get support from maternal uncles etc. This position of the 2nd lords may cause losses due to litigation, disease, enemies or thefts etc.

The 2nd Lord Placed in the 7th House: Wealth may flow in through self-business or business in partnership. One’s spouse and agreements play an important role. Luck may shine after marriage.

The 2nd Lord Placed in the 8th House: This position of the 2nd lord may bring in sudden financial changes in life. One may get more than expected or otherwise. Gains through inheritance, insurance policies and business related to mining, digging or purchase and sale of antique items (Pawn Shops).

The 2nd Lord Placed in the 9th House:Income through father’s business or business with father, religious activities, journeys to foreign countries is likely. Higher studies and research work may play important role.

The 2nd Lord Placed in the 10th House: This position of the 2nd lord indicates gains through one’s own efforts and actions in one’s professional field. This position favours the native through name and fame.

The 2nd Lord Placed in the 11th House: The 2nd lord placed in this house of gains favours the native with wealth through little effort and long term prosperity.

The 2nd Lord Placed in the 12th House: This is not a favourable position and makes it difficult for the native to accumulate money. One may gain enough to meet expenses only. One needs to be careful and must avoid financial risks

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar