Venus in Rohini-2 Time to fulfil Desires

Venus will be transiting in the second part (Pada) . This is the most conducive time to fulfil your long standing desires and realise your wild dreams…


The Zodiac of 360o is divided into 27 constellations of 13o:20? each. Therefore there are three and a quarter constellations in each Zodiac Sign. Each constellation has four parts called Padasor Charans, So there are nine padas in each sign and being ninth part of a sign each is called a Navansh (9th part of a sign) and is governed by a planet.

From 14th June 2012 the planet Venus will enter the second part of the constellation Rohini (Rohini-2) and will transit through it until 10th July 2012. For the first ten days it will move retrograde and then it will move direct. So during the first then days it will act strongly and more passionately.

The constellation Rohini is ruled by the Moon and Rohini part 2 falls in the Navansh of Taurus which is ruled by Venus itself. So while transiting through this part of Rohini the planet Venus gains extra strength and as the Rohini constellation is ruled by a gentle and auspicious planet viz. the Moon so this transit is most auspicious also.

Time to fulfil your Desires and realise Dreams …

This transit is strongly conducive to realisation of all material dreams and fulfils desires. The planets Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are very strong in this part.

Time to improve Love Relationships …

This period is very conducive to improving your relations with your lover. You can mend all strained relations and also revive the broken ones. Exchanging gifts of red or pink colour items, feminine items, luxury items, diamond, quartz crystal etc. will enhance all relations and help in coming closer to your loved ones.

Time to Strengthen Marital Bond …

This is a golden opportunity for all married couples. You can come closer to each other and reignite the flame of mutual romance and love. Take your spouse for an outing, candle light dinner or a second honeymoon. Spend more time together. Add more foreplay to your sexual act and enjoy exciting sex together. Such intimate sexual experience especially under influence of Moon and Venus will lift you both up spiritually as well.

Once a week preferably on Fridays visit a Krishna temple and offer a white and red flower mala of fresh flowers to the idols of Radha Krishana.

Professional Success …

This period is conducive for professional success especially for the following professions:
Farming, Food items, Botanists, Herbalists, Artists, Musicians and music related, Entertainment and leisure related, Photography, Fashion, luxury items, Feminine items, Gemstones especially diamond, Tourism, Interior decoration, Textile, Aquatic products, milk, Sweets, Software design etc.

Need to Propitiate Venus and Moon …

Get your horoscope analysed and see whether you need propitiation of especially Venus and Moon. In case in your birth chart these two are under affliction then you must follow one of more of the following remedial measures in order to benefit from this auspicious transit of Venus.

Mantra: Recite at least one mala (Rosary of 108 beads of Laal Chandan (Red Sandal wood)) beads the following mantra at sunrise time each day or at least on Fridays:

‘Om Shum Shukraya Namaha’

Giving Alms (Daan): Give white or cream colour clothes, crystal items, silver, fresh un-boiled milk, fresh white colour sweets, White rice etc. to some needy person

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar