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South West Corner

Not Recomended Solutions
Main Entrance / Gate

1. Put OM Swastik and Trishul Both Sides of Main door.

2. Pyramid Outside or Inside ( Outside Preferred).

3. Temporary Red Line or Earthing – Just a wire in case of house. Wiring – North East – Silver South West – Copper Crystal Ball

4. Hang 5 to 7 Crystal Rods – Wind Chim. Even Number for Good.

5. Pukaa Mirror. Convex Mirror Receive Energy, Concave for sending negative energy outside.

Under Ground Tank

1. Just Color the Lid of tank with Red color.

2. Four Pyramid at the corner inside the earth.

Toilet / Bathroom

1. Keep Pyramid at the Corner.

2. Toilet Door Closed.

3. Keep Campher in Crystal Bool Plant.

4. Make it Breathing – Bathroom Removed.

5. Make it English Toilet Remove English.


1. Yellow Color

2. Minimise the usage of water.

3. Rasie the Level of floor, it should be blocked.

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