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North East Corner

Not Recomended Solutions
North East Kitchen Remedies:
1. Level the Corner.

2. Put Plain Mirror on the North East Wall at the longer Side of Size 18″ X 18 ” at the centre at Eye Level.

3. North East corner Keep a Pyramid.

4. North East Corner Keep a Yantra.

North East Toilet Remedies:
1. Plant which absorb energy.

2. Bowl of Salt.

3. Air freshener.

4. Mirror in Big direction.

5. Pyramid South / Wet Wall.

Over Hand Tank Remedies:
1. Just Color the Lid of tank with Red color.

2. Four Pyramid at the corner inside the earth.

North East Cut Mirror
Blockade of North East Try to clean the corner
North East Garage with No Entry in House Make Entrance
Store Room in North East clean. Put some pyramid. If store room try to clean it regularly and make sure it is
Clutter Try to clean the clutter at the most
Elevated Platform If possible make it to a level
Transformer / Generator Remove at from the corner
Over Loading Unload it
Mandir on Elevated Platform No Mandir on Elevated floor just level it
Round Corner Make a corner
Bore in Corner Bore on side not exactly in the corner

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