Vastu Tips – Vastu Tips for Good Health

The ancient science of Vastu tells us that the place where a person lives influences all aspects of his or her life. Here are some major Vastu tips for good health….

Vastu Tips for Good Health

The age old Indian wisdom tells us, “Paitsafa, to harrogdafa” which means if ones stomach is clean then there is no disease. By the word ‘clean’ here means it is not cluttered with indigestible eatables.

In terms of the ancient Indian architectural science viz. Vastu there is great wisdom contained in its principles regarding the health of the residents of a house.

Here are some major tips which if followed can ensure good health.

‘Brahamsathan’; the Stomach of the Vastu Puruasha

As per the concept of the VastuPurusha Mandala of a plot of land on which a house is constructed the middle part is the area where the stomach of the VastuPurusha is located hence this part becomes important regarding the health issues of the residents.

Vastu Tips – Just observe the following tips regarding the Brahamsathan:

Keep clean and litter free not only the middle area of the whole building but also that of each room of the house.

The middle part of the house must not be depressed viz. its floor level must not be lower than the rest.

Avoid keeping heavy items in the middle part of the house as well as that of each room.

Ideally the middle portion of the building can be either a courtyard with plenty of fresh air and daylight as observed in traditional old houses in Rajasthan (India) or use this middle area for worship.

Never build a staircase or a lift or a toilet in this middle part..

Hang a chandelier with crystals and five lamps in this area for energising the house with healthy cosmic energy and ‘chi’ energy.

Vastu Tips – Balance the Fire Element

For ensuring good health through Vastu principles the Fire element of the premise must not be imbalanced. To ensure balance of fire element just observe the following tips:

Avoid keeping any electric equipment in the northeast.

Avoid underground water tank in the southeast.

Light a lamp at dusk in the southeast area.

Locate the kitchen in the southeast direction.

Vastu Tips – The Right Direction for your Head for Sleeping

The Earth has a magnetic field and its lines of force flow over ground from North to South direction. Our body too has an electromagnetic field of its own. During the waking hours we are not aligned in a particular direction for long time but during the sleep hours we remain almost in a single direction on the bed.

It is wrong to suggest for all a particular direction for keeping one’s head during sleep. Each person has a unique configuration as regard to nature viz. his or her basic vibration so one has to discover the right direction which suits an individual.

Sleep with your head in one direction say north for a week and observe how you feel. Then for the next week keep your head in the east and so on. The direction which suits you viz. by sleeping in that direction you feel better in life is the ideal direction for you so for the rest of your life stick to that direction.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar