Vastu for Wealth, Vastu for Wealth Suggestions

Vastu for Wealth – Although it is true that all wealth is the product of labor yet Vastu for Wealth suggestions ensure fructification of labor.

Vastu for Wealth

The ancient science of architecture called Vastu was designed by ancient seers who realized the affect of magnetic directions, the five elements (Panchtatvas) and 45 divine forces in the name of various Devatas on the residents of a building.

Each directional part or area of a plot of land or the building has therefore unique characteristics. If consideration is not given to the basic character of a direction or area then unfavourable conditions are faced by the residents in the relevant areas of their life.

In this article some do’s and don’ts are given which will aid in accumulation of wealth and overall prosperity for the residents.

Vastu for Wealth

Here are some suggestions based upon beliefs of Vastu for Wealth, which if followed will bless the residents of a building with wealth and prosperity.

North is the direction governed by the deity of wealth viz. Kuber so keep this direction clutter free and avoid building toilet and a staircase in this area.

Never locate any underground water tank, well or a swimming pool in Southwest direction.

Avoid locating a cash box or Tijori under a beam as that puts undue financial stress on the residents.

Place the locker, Tijori or cabinet with money along the South wall or Southwest corner of the room so that its door open towards the North or northeast direction.

It is believed that placing a mirror in front of the cash box, tijori or cabinet with money doubles the wealth.

A building of any kind in the Northeast of your house can cause loss of wealth. In actual fact the shadow of that building falling on your house can cause loss of wealth.

The two walls at the Northeast corner must join together at right angle to each other. Avoid making this joining in the curved form.

The ground level of the building as well as its roof must slope from Southwest to Northeast. In other words the level at Southwest should be higher than that at the Northeast.

Keep the South and West side boundary walls thicker and higher than those in the North and East direction.

The plinth level of the building must be kept higher than any road in front of the building.

High rising trees if any should only be in the Southwest portion. This stabilizes the financial position and also avoids misfortunes. Such trees in the North or northeast direction disrupt inflow of wealth.

It is a good practice to keep the central part of a building free from construction and clutter. There can be an open space instead of rooms.

Dirty windows and doors obstruct free in flow of wealth.

Immediately repair any type of water leakage from taps, tanks or water pipes to avoid unwanted expenses and losses.

Keep feed and water for birds at some place in the house preferably in the North to attract wealth.

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Article By: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar