Vastu in Business, Vastu Helps You to Get Success in Business

Vastu in Business – There is no doubt to say this that favorable vastu is very essential to get success in the business. In a place having shops having the same business some of them run well. Others starve to get customers and sell their products to them. For this the behavior of the shop owner and his fortune is liable. Besides this the vastu of that shop is also responsible. It has been seen that those shops that do not rune well have ignored and broken the rules related to their vastu. In this article the vastu rules for shops are being mentioned below:-

Vastu in Business

1) If you are planning to buy a new shop then buy that one in front of which market and other shops are seen. If you see garden and playground and places where non commercial tasks are done then you should not buy a shop with such surroundings. Shops do not run well at these places and spots.

2) After counter in a shop the remaining place is meant for entry of customers. In context this space is like an entry door for the customers. This kind of entry door should be in ishaan direction in a shop towards the east, in the vayavya in a shop towards the west, in the ishaan direction in a shop towards the north and should be in the aagneya direction for shop towards the south.

3) The floor of the shop should not be below the level of the road. If the level of the road is higher than the floor of the shop then level this floor equal to that of the road. Do not cover the floor of your shop. If you need to keep a cover then keep the south and west higher and north and east a bit lower.

4) In shop facing the east direction the sales counter should be in the south and west direction. Keep the sales counter of the shop facing the south direction in the west and north. For a shop facing the west the sales counter should be in the south and the east. Keep the sales counter in the west and south for the shop facing the north. In these directions you should make arrangements for your staff in such a way so that they may face the north or east direction while dealing with the customers.

5) Construct the billing counter in the vayavya direction. If you make this counter in the north vayavya instead of west vayavya then this will be better.

6) For cash counter north direction is the most suitable one. It should be in the middle north direction.

7) You can display your products in the vayavya direction. You can also place these products in the north, east and west directions.

8) A trail room is needed in the showrooms selling readymade garments. The vayavya and north directions are suitable for such rooms. Besides this these rooms can be also created in the east and ishaan direction. Avoid making a trial room in the southern and naritya direction.

9) The showrooms that sell mobile, laptops, electronics, domestic commodities, car and motorcycles etc need a counseling area. The east and ishaan direction is the most suitable for such area. It can also be kept in the north direction.

10) For the shop owner the naritya and south direction is the most suitable. If the shop owner himself sits at the cash counter then his face should face the east direction. In this condition the cash counter should be in the right direction.

11) In big showrooms pantry is also arranged, it should be created in the aagneya direction.

12) In any shop the readymade goods should be sold by placing it towards south or naritya direction. You can keep these goods in the vayavya direction.

13) If you have a store room behind your shop or showroom then create an entrance door for it in the vayavya direction. Keep as much as goods in this same direction.

The brahma sthan in any shop or showroom is considered as the shopping area. This area is meant for the customers. In other businesses temples should be installed in the ishaan direction. If not possible in this direction you can do it in the north or east direction.

You can arrange the facility of drinking water in these directions. Be careful and see that the temple should be kept at a distance from the place where people come to drink water.

You can install the electric switch board in the aagneya direction. You can install an air conditioner according to the needs. Most electric equipments are installed in the aagneya direction as this is the rule. However you can also install them in other directions as per your needs. If you want to install one or two ACs then you can install them in the aagneya and vayavya directions.

You can place the third AC in the north and east. Even west direction can be preferred for this.