Vasant Panchami 2024

Vasant Panchami is celebrating on the fifths day of the Magh’s Shukla Paksh. This year Vasant Panchami is on February 14, 2024.

Vasant Panchami

The Celebration

The Magh month welcoming the blossoming nature after the harsh winter. On this day, prayers are offered to Goddess Saraswathi (Goddess of Knowledge) and Lord Vishnu. This day also celebrating the birth day of Goddess Saraswti Yellow color is the color of the day and basically North India is dressing up in this color only. The melodious Hori and Dhanmar (local music) starts from the Vasant Panchami. These music forms are mostly famous in Bangal and Bihar.

The devotee with his family members are offering the wheat and barley leaves to the God. This day is also celebrated as the the birth day of Goddess Saraswati. The Goddess Saraswti is worshiped by all the worshiping material water, red powder, rice, yellow flower and fruits. This festival is celebrating in most of the educational institutes, schools, colleges. This one festival is basically belongs to the Students.

This day is also celebrated as Ram Panchami. The wives are cooking the special dishes and serving their husbands themselves. By doing this, husband are being free from all the troubles and they are blessed for long life.

The story of Vasant Panchami

The Lord Bramha was very happy to complete the creation of entire world. One day he set out on journey to see the whole world by his own eyes. After seeing the world, he was very upset because there was complete silence, everyone appeared lonely. Lord Bramha fell in to critical thinking to see the world in this condition. Suddenly a little idea came into his mind and he took water from his Kamandal (small round metal pot) and sprinkled in the air and an angel appeared from a tree, who was having harp in the hand. Lord Brahmha requested her to stop the muteness of the earth with your musical sound of harp. On his request, angel blessed the people of earth with voice and also filled the earth with the music of joy. Since then, that angel is called as Goddess Saraswati or Goddess of speech and knoledge. She also known as Veena Vadini (harp player) because she is always having harp in her hand. She gave all of us the voice, intelligence, force and glory.

The praise of Saravasti
Veena, Pustak, Rajjit Haste,
Bhagwati Bharat Devi Namaste||
Jai Veena Vadini, Kamlasana|
Buddhi Dayini, Hans Vahini BramhaSuta||