Vahana Yoga

Vahana Yoga is a combination of Vedic Astrology which if present in one’s birth chart gives material comforts and vehicles.


The Sanskrit word Yoga means union or combination. In Astrology Yogas (Combinations) are formed due to Signs, Houses and Planets in a birth chart which give specific good or bad results.

Vahana means a vehicle which in itself is a symbol of material comfort and convenience. This astrological Yoga is very auspicious and indicative of prosperity and comfort.

How this Yoga is formed ?

This yoga can be formed in two ways:

(1) Strong ascendant lord is placed with the lord of the 4th, 11th or 9th house.

(2) The 4th lord is in its sign of exaltation and the lord of the sign of exaltation is posited in a square or trine house.

Detailed Technicalities of Vahana Yoga …

As per Vedic astrology the vehicles one possesses are indicated by the 4th house of the birth chart and the Karaka or signifying planet is Venus. So if in a birth chart the planet Venus is posited in the 4th house along with the 4th lord then the person having this Yoga may succeed in possessing only an ordinary vehicle such as a bicycle, rickshaw viz. manually driven vehicles only.

If in a chart the natal Moon is also connected with the 4th lord or other Yoga causing bodies then chances of getting automobiles viz. engine driven vehicles are there.

One can have chances of keeping more than one vehicle if in his or her birth chart the planet Venus or the 4th lord has links with the 9th or 11th house.

The number and quality (ordinary or luxurious) of vehicles will depend on the overall strength of this Yoga in a birth chart.The Yoga will materialize during the periods of the concerned planets in a chart.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar