Transit of Venus in Cancer – 30 May 2023

The transit of Venus in Cancer will take place on May 30, 2023 at 7:39 pm, when Venus will move out of its friend Mercury’s sign Gemini and enter the Cancer sign owned by the Moon. It will stay here till 3:59 am on July 7, 2023, and then it will enter Leo, the sign owned by the Sun.

Transit of Venus in Cancer

Venus, known as the Guru of the demons, is considered to be exalted in Pisces and debilitated in Virgo. The transit of Venus, which is called the morning star, the factor of enjoyment and luxury, will definitely have some effect on all living beings, so let us know what effect it will have on you.

Transit of Venus in Cancer and its impact your sign


For the people of Aries, the transit of Venus in the fourth house will give you peace in the family. You will think about increasing the comforts of your family. There will be good harmony with the family members. Will find new means of entertainment and there will be happiness and peace in the house. You can go ahead to learn acting, drama, dance, etc. Family members will support you and due to this you will progress in every work. Married people will be happy to know that their life partner may get some good achievement or monetary gain during this transit period.

Remedy: You should chant the beej mantra of Shukra Dev.


If we talk about the people of Gemini, then Venus will enter your second house. This is the best friend of your zodiac lord Mercury. The transit of Venus in Cancer will make you taste the best dishes. You will like to eat the best food and dishes. There will be happiness in family life. There may be a function in the house or there may be a marriage ceremony in which there will be a stir in the house due to the arrival of guests. You will get to hear the news of good economic benefits and you will get monetary benefits. There will be chances of profit in ancestral business.

Remedy: You should go to Mata’s temple on Friday and offer red hibiscus flower.

Cancer zodiac sign

For Cancerians, Venus will enter the first house, that is, Venus will enter your zodiac sign. Good thoughts will come in your mind. Will pay more attention to his own decoration. The desire to enhance your personality and look more beautiful will arise in your mind. You will be able to attract people and due to your magnetic personality people will listen to you. The transit of Venus in Cancer will also give good results in the workplace and no one will be able to avoid your words in the workplace. With this, your position in the job will be good and your relations with senior officers will be cordial.

Remedy: You should apply white sandalwood paste on Shivling on Friday and then apply Tilak on your forehead.

Leo sun sign

The transit of Venus in Cancer will be in the twelfth house for the natives of Leo. With the effect of this transit, there will be strong chances of going abroad. There will be an increase in your expenses, but you will not hesitate to spend lavishly for your comforts. If you work in a foreign company, then you can get good progress and there will be chances of increase in salary. If you do any business which is related to foreign countries or related to any foreign company, then during this time you will get good financial benefits.

Remedy: You should offer raw milk in running water.

Virgo sun sign

For the people of Virgo zodiac, Venus will enter the eleventh house. The transit of Venus in Cancer will be a time of possibilities for you. Your wishes will start getting fulfilled due to which a wave of enthusiasm will run inside you. There will be intensity in love relations. There will be a close relationship between you and your beloved. Will sprinkle life on each other and romance will also become strong. This period will also be known for economic progress and you will get good financial results. Impure water in the stomach can cause problems. You can make plans to expand your business and can be successful in it to a great extent.

Remedy: You should make rice kheer on Friday, offer it to the mother and distribute it among the little girls and then take it yourself as prasad.


The transit of Venus in Cancer will take place in the tenth house of the natives of Libra. Venus is also the lord of your zodiac sign and in this case, the movement of Venus in the tenth house will be favorable for the work area, but it will be better if you stay away from the politics of the work area and do not become a part of any politics yourself. Otherwise, your relations with the people working with you in your workplace may deteriorate and you may have to face problems in your job.

Remedy: You should perform Rudrabhishek for happiness, peace and success in life.


Venus is going to transit in the ninth house for the people of Scorpio zodiac. The transit of Venus in Cancer will take you on long journeys. These trips will be for your entertainment and pleasure. You can also go on a picnic with family members. Going to remote delightful places will not only give you peace but also happiness in your mind. However, before going on trips, you should go with full preparation so that there is no inconvenience of any kind.

Remedy: You should worship Parad Shivling on Friday.


For Sagittarius people, Venus will transit in the eighth house. Avoid the habit of spending secretly and spending secretly on your comforts can give you trouble later. During this, avoid any kind of unethical act, otherwise, in the coming time, you may have to face defamation and quarrel with family members. The transit of Venus in Cancer can also give birth to some adverse situations in your life. Treat women well in the workplace, otherwise you may have to face problems because of them.

Remedy: You should apply turmeric tilak on your forehead.


For Capricorn natives, Venus plays the role of a benefic planet and will enter your seventh house in the current transit. This time will increase love in married life. There will be opportunities for romance, but if the position of Venus is more dominant in your horoscope, then during this time you can also move towards extramarital affairs, so try to avoid them. The transit of Venus in Cancer will bring progress in your business. You will be able to expand your business and can also adopt some new mediums in your business, which will give you more profit. This time will be icing on the cake for the loving couple and there will be strong chances of your love marriage.
Remedy: You should recite Sri Suktam regularly on Fridays.


The transit of Venus in Cancer is going to happen in your sixth house. This is one of your benefic planets. Due to the effect of this transit, your opponents will start becoming stronger and will try to disturb you. In the job, you will face some problems in working because the more you work, That much result will not be visible and some of your colleagues may conspire against you. You may have pulled your leg. To avoid such a situation, maintain complete focus on your work. This transit cannot be called favorable even from the point of view of health, so take full care of your health.

Remedy: You should seek the blessings of little girls by touching their feet.


For Pisces people, Venus will enter the fifth house, which is also known as the house of love. The transit of Venus in Cancer will act as a lifeline for your love affairs. Students will find it challenging to maintain concentration during this transit but still they will feel inclined towards studies and hence will study well. During this time you can be successful in buying a new vehicle. Students engaged in research work can get good success.

Remedy:You should serve mother cow on Friday.