Totakas (Quick Remedies) of the LalKitab

Totakas (Quick Remedies) of the LalKitab

Totakas – The remedies of the LalKitab, generally known as the Totakas, are simple but very effective. Because of their effectiveness many Vedic astrologers also recommend these..


As a general rule never give in alms (Daan) things or items governed by those planets which are exalted in your birth chart or placed in their own houses as described below:

• In case of the Sun then avoid giving alms of jaggery (Gur) and wheat grains.

• In case of the Moon avoid giving alms of milk, rice and pearl.

• In case of Mars avoid giving alms of sweets.

• In case of Mercury avoid giving alms of whole moong, green cloths, writing instruments (pens etc.) and water pots.

• In case of Jupiter avoid giving alms of gold, yellow coloured items and saffron.

• In case of Venus avoid giving alms of garments.

• In case of Saturn avoid giving alms of wine and whisky, non-veg items, oil, iron and steel items

General other Totaks:

• If in your birth chart the Sun is in 7th or 8th house then never give alms at dawn and dusk times

• If in your birth chart the Moon is in the 6th house then avoid installing water tank, pump, tap etc. as charitable act also avoid getting these repaired on your behalf.

• If in your birth chart Jupiter is in 10th house and the Moon in the 4th then never build a temple or any worship place in order to protect yourself from false allegations and imprisonment.

• If in your birth chart Venus is in the 9th house then never adopt a child

• If in your birth chart Saturn is in the 1st house and Jupiter in the 5th then avoid giving copper coins and copper utensils in order to safeguard your progeny from sufferings.

• If in your birth chart Jupiter is in the 7th house then never give in alms new garments.

• If a married woman suffers from involuntary abortions or her children die then she should tie a sacred red thread on her arm. The thread should be one inch more in length than her height. After the birth of a child shift the same thread from mother’s arm to that of the new born and tie a fresh red thread on mother’s arm. The thread should remain there for 11 months.

• In case you are going away from home for more than one hundred days continuously then while crossing over rivers throw some copper coins in it.

• Just before the birth of a child take two pots, fill one with sugar and the other with milk and let the pregnant woman touch these with her hands. After the child is born donate both filled pots (do not bring back the empty pots donate these as well) at a religious place.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar