Tips for Increasing Devotion to God

The following simple tips will help increase your devotion to God:


One easy and sure way of increasing devotion is to keep an attitude of gratitude. Give thanks for every help or act of kindness you get from others. In the evening sit in silence and thank God for all good things in life.

Recite the following Doha by sitting in a quiet place. It will give you blissful feelings and increase devotion.

‘Bhagat kalptaru pranat hit kripa sindhu sukhdhaam, Soinij bhagti mohi prabhu dehudayakari Ram.’

Reciting the following Doha by sitting in a quiet place every day increases devotion.

‘Kamihi naripiyari ji milo bhi hi priye jimidaam, Timi Raghunaath nirantar laaghu mohi Ram’

One sure way of increasing devotion is by forming a habit of offering everything to God first. This emotionally bindsone with the God. For example as you sit for meals, close your eyes and pray, ‘Oh my lord God please accept this food, I offer it to you”.

Listen to devotional songs (bhajans). This helps in turning your attention to God and fills your heart with devotion.

Take part in Kirtans (Religious worshiping and singing in groups) and attend satsangas (discourse by learned saints). These two are very effective in increasing devotion.

Sri Hanuman is the supreme example of unconditional devotion. In your worship room hang a picture of Sri Hanuman and recite the following Doha:

‘Pawan-tanai sankatharan, Mangal moorati roop, Ram Lakhan Sitasahit, Hridai bashu surbhoop’

Sit in a calm place and enjoy reciting the following mantra loudly by clapping hands:

‘Hare Ram, hare Ram, Ram Ram hare hare, Hare Krishan, hare Krishan, Krishan Krishan hare hare’

Occasionally feed the poor and hungry persons. By serving the poor and less-privileged than you will help you get rid of false pride, which is an obstacle in the path of devotion.

Look at the picture of Sri Hanuman for five minutes continuously and then close your eyes and meditate, let your mind go blank. With practice your consciousness will expand. Expansion of consciousness increases devotion.

On Thursdays donate chane ki daal wrapped in a yellow cloth to a needy person while mentally reciting, ‘Om brim brehes pataye namaha’. This will increase your devotion

• Burn a piece of camphor every night in your room. This helps in increasing Satvic Guna necessary for devotion and also purifies the room by removing all negative vibrations present.

Recite every morning one mala of the following Doha by sitting before an image or idol of Lord Ram:

‘Bhagat kal ptarupranat hit, kripa sindhu sukhdhaam. Soinij bhagtimohi prabhu, dehdayakari Ram’

• Recite the following Doha by sitting before an image of Ganesha at any time during the day. It will bestow increased devotion.

‘Jehisumiransidhi hoi, Gannayakkavivarbadan, Karuanugrehsoi, budhi-rashishubhgunsadan’