Tips for Happy Living

Does not matter what is your station in life or in what situation you are, Life has a greater purpose than we humans can ever comprehend.Living life happily is very important …


Do you love God? Don’t say, “What a silly question”. Just peep into your heart honestly and then reply.

Okay let me put it differently, suppose you have everything you can ever dream of and you face no problems, irritations or disease and all your loved ones are also in same state. Would you then ever need to think of God, well you may say yes in that case you will remember God only tothank him for all His bounty and a prayer to let it remain so.

99.999999999….% of people remembers God for providing them what they need. There may be at the present time remaining 0.000000001% people who remember God just because they Love Him and need nothing even a midst material scarcity.

Most of your resentment resulting due to your imperfect life conditions, miseries and unhappiness will vanish in thin air if you realize that all such conditions are only and only because of YOU and no one else. Here by YOU, I mean you as you are now in physical form plus your real self or your over-self or your soul which controls you and to which you return after death.

Your main fault is that you associate fully with your physical form only and think that Soul is just an imaginary item. This strong belief caused you in this life as well as in your previous incarnations to go astray and due to ignorance you took wrong decisions and performed certain wrong actions which generated loads of bad Karma. A big bundle of bad Karma, almost every one of us is carrying on his or her back and that is a bundle of miseries, sorrows, difficulties, obstacles and these are our dream killers in short.

Well it is difficult to put the true spiritual facts in your mind so easily, it takes many lives before a person realizes this.

Anyway let me ask you another question, “Do you want to live happily?” Well I heard you saying loudly without hesitation that you do. Okay let’s forget about bad karma and all that. Just practice the following and within a short time happiness shall visit you,and may decide to stay with you if it finds you worthy of itself.

Compassion: Inflate your shrinking heart with fresh air of compassion towards all those who are either in poor conditions than you, or are facing difficulties. It will fill your heart with abundance of good feelings and resulting happiness thereby.

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Kindness: Be kind to those who are less privileged than you are. This will attract waves of kindness in your hour of need and drive away all harsh forces of nature.

Humility: Be humble and shun arrogance. This will attract wisdom from all around and let you enter a state of bliss.

Gentleness: There is difference between a butcher’s hands and those of a good surgeon. Those of a butcher take life and those of a surgeon give life. Gentleness will attract gentleness even from harsh sources.

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Patience: The difference between a terrorist and a reformer is patience. If you exercise patience then even a bad situation may turn into favourable situation. A bud needs time to blossom fully.

Forgiveness: We all make mistakes from time to time. Try to forgive others this will give them opportunity to reform. Forgiveness will attract forgiveness from others and make your life live able and happy.

Love: Here by love we mean unconditional love. Loving someone without expecting anything in return will soon make you a superhuman that will get love unconditionally from others.

Peace: Peace means absence of conflict; both internal and external. A peaceful mind is the first requisite for meeting God, only if you so desire. Only a peaceful mind can spread peace all around and make this world a live able place.

Gratitude: By saying thank you in return to an act of kindness or help from others makes us receptive to bounty of nature. Thank God for all that you have enjoyed and possess!

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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