The Right Path is Close at Hand

The full saying of ancient wisdom as revealed by Lobsang Rampa is, “The Right Path is Close at Hand, yet mankind searches it afar”. In today’s highly commercial and selfish scenario you need not run after fake Gurus.

Right Path
The wisest sage of twentieth century T. Lobsang Rampa wisely said that the right path is close at hand. It is a tragedy that human beings due to lack of self-confidence and faith run after incompetent persons for correct guidance.

For all those who are desperately searching for a guide or Guru the following advice may prove decisively helpful:

Why You Need a Guide or Guru?

You need to be honest and sit calmly in introspection just to know the honest answer to this question. Your requirement broadly falls under one of the following two categories:

• Need a guide or Guru for your spiritual development.
• Need a guide or Guru for fulfilling your material desires or solving your various problems.

(1) Guide or Guru for Spiritual Development

The age old wisdom of our ancients clearly says that one need not search a Guru or guide for one’s spiritual development. There is an ancient saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.“This saying may sound simple and meaningless yet it is the Truth. So just accept this and get set to become “ready’.

So all you need to do is make yourself ‘ready’ Now the million dollar question arises, “When will the student be ready?” By becoming ready means to become receptive to true Guru’s teachings and this is achieved through character building.

You need to live righteously and one by one get rid of your shortcomings or negativities. All you need is to initiate a self-improvement plan as follows and leave the rest to the ever watching divine forces.

The following tips will be helpful:

  • Earn your living through righteous ways and not through cheating, smuggling, deceiving, looting, stealing etc.
  • Regularly spend a certain part of your income on welfare of those who are less privileged than you.
  • Set an altar at home and sit calmly in silence two or three times a day (Morning, Midday and Evening)to introspect the secret caves of your mind in order to focus on your negativities or bad habits so that you begin to get rid of these.
  • Start some breathing exercises on regular basis for increasing prana in the body for true spiritual transformation.
  • Read good and positive literature and watch only such TV programmes which do not titillate your sexual desires.
  • If you are married then as per your own and your partner’s requirement keep enjoying love based sex only with your life partner till you both get satisfied and do not need any sexual expression. Love based sex only with life partner boosts spiritual development.
  • Eat only such food items which keep you fit and mentally calm.
  • Do not take any intoxicating substances such as alcoholic drinks, tobacco and drugs.
  • What to Expect?

    The day you begin sincerely the above mentioned self-improvement plan you start getting help from the Divine forces in this gigantic task of spiritual development. Then as per the consideration of the Divine Gurus or guides in the form of persons, situations or conditions will come your way at the right time in order to guide you. You may receive instructions and guidance through astral Gurus during your deep sleep state.

    At the right time if needed even a true Guru in physical form shall appear and guide you.

    (2) Guide or Guru for fulfilling your Material Desires or solving your various Problems.

    In any of the above situations you can take help of astrologers for correct horoscopic analysis and remedies.

    Have full faith in your own true self and meditate regularly. Breathing exercises play an important role in giving you self-confidence and calm your mind to tackle all problems in life.

    Gemstones and mantras are very potent tools in solving much health, money and relationship related problems in life. For these take advice of reputed experts.

    Keep Away from Fake Mystics

    Never ever get trapped by tantrics or fake mystics and guides who promise fast results by charging hefty fees and other expenses.False promises may sound lucrative but may burden you with increased troubles and expenses.

    Golden Hints to Judge a Real from a Fake Guru

    True or real and self-realized Guru:

    Will never allow his or her worship or importance by followers.
    The self-realized true Guru will not make a show of things
    Lives a truly simple life and not in ashrams equipped with luxurious facilities.
    Can be easily approached irrespective of visitor’s stature in society.
    Is not sexually starved.
    Has no commercial interests and material possessions.
    Practices everything he or she preaches.

    Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar