The Festival of Bhai Dooj


Bhai Dooj exists on the last day of Diwali. This year, it will fall on Friday (November 9th, 2018). On this festival, sisters put Tilak on the forehead of their brothers and feed them sweets. They pray for their long life and wellness. This festival symbolizes love and fondness of brother-sister.

First Story

According to the legend, on this day, Yamuna (river) apply the tilak on the forehead of her brother Yam (Yamraaj). Then she asked for the boon that who so ever will take bath in my water on this day, should not watch the Yam. Yamraaj has granted this boon to her and since then the ritual of putting tilak to brothers started.

Second Story

As per another legend, there was an immense love between brother Yam and sister Yamuna. Once, Yam forgot his sister Yamuna because he was busy in political affairs. The day when he remembered it, he directly visited to her. The sister Yamuna applied the tilak happily on the forehead of his brother and said to him that the sisters, who perform this ritual on this day, their brothers should be protected. That was the second day of Kartik month and the event of Bhai Dooj celebrated since then.

Rituals of the day

On the basis of the ritual, brothers should have oil massage on this day and should take bath in the river of Yamuna. If it is not possible then they should take bath at sister’s place. Sisters should feed coconut after putting Tilak to their brothers. It is said that if sister feeds coconut or other sweet item to her brother by her hand, brother’s life increases and all the problems of their life get resolved. Thereafter, brothers should give the gifts of cloths or jewelry to his sisters. The day is vital for worshipping Yam and Yamuna.