The Age of Bitcoins, Bitcoins Will Be History after 21st December 2021

Bitcoin is a crypto currency or a virtual currency. Satushi Nagamotto of Japan came up with this currency; He objective of inventing the currency was to make money by selling some coins made of specific metal. These coins were sold in the virtual world or internet by a few institutions to people on the internet.

The virtual currency made its mark worldwide within the first few days of its launch. Some people went gaga over this virtual currency. Especially the youngsters went crazy about this currency. This currency was famous in India as well. A few believe that a few folks from the Hindi film industry have also put their money in this form of currency. The youngsters today are willing to put their hard-earned money in this form of currency so that they can make some quick money within no time. Anybody who has this form of currency today can sell it at a rate specified by the institution to make some profit. So the big question is how the institution determines the value of its Bitcoin. And the answer to this is that nobody knows about this. The best guess is that it is the demand, which determines the value. When it started, it was not that costly and it could be bought at only a few Rupees. However, today one Bitcoin costs lakhs of rupees. Success of Bitcoin has compelled various organizations and institutions to come out with their own crypto currency in the virtual world.

To stop the popularity of this form of currency some countries with the help of their banking institutions are asking their citizens to stay away from this form of virtual currency. However, people are still willing to invest in this form of currency because of the huge profit associated with it.

Let us try to understand with the help of astronomy how this currency will fair in the future. Bitcoin came in to existence on 3rd January 2009 at 18:25 Hrs. in the city of Tokyo Japan when Cancer and Virgo were in its ninth house. Ketu was placed in the ascendant house, Reversing Saturn in the second house, Saturn-Mars in the sixth house, Jupiter, Mercury and Rahu in the seventh house, Venus in the eighth house and Moon in the ninth house. Moon sign is Pisces and this means that it has 15 years of benefic aspect of the Saturn.

Since Bitcoin is not a living person and the way Indian astronomy is designed, it would make prediction based on Vedas and Shastra’s and the prediction is as below:

  • The planetary position and its beneficial aspect determines the stability. However, Ketu is placed in the ascendant house. It is considered auspicious.
  • If you do not have any planetary movements in the 2, 6, 8 and 12th house respectively. However, here Sun-Mars is placed in the sixth house and Venus in the eighth house.
  • This is not considered as an auspicious day according to Hindu numerology.
  • Presence of Saturn in the ascendant house is never considered auspicious because it brings number 13 in to play which is always considered inauspicious.
  • Jupiter is placed in the house of Capricorn and sun is placed in the house of Sagittarius is never considered auspicious.
  • Jupiter should be placed in the houses of lower echelons naturally for prosperity and here it is placed in the sixth house.
  • The wealth effect of the sun comes when it is placed in the eighth house.
  • Therefore; if we put all this together and try to make our prediction. It seems that popularity of Bitcoin will be short-lived. Therefore, to consider its age if we try to look at Bitcoin from its age perspectives we can find the following:

  • The ascendant moon is located in the eighth house. In addition, Mars has its vision on it whereas the reversing Saturn is giving all the malefic aspect because of its position.
  • The ascendant has Ketu, Rahu is in the seventh house, and this is located in the malefic aspect of Saturn.
  • The ascending moon is located in the house of Pisces and the lord of this horoscope, Jupiter is lying in the lower echelons house.
  • So if put all this in to perspective it can be said that its age cannot be too long.

    Let us go through the horoscope to find out more:

    If we look at the horoscope, Jupiter is located in a house, which is cursed and is supposed to suffering the cruel aspect because of its location in the seventh house along with Mercury. Sun-Mars placed in the sixth house will bring a lot of enthusiasm and courage and this is visible in the decline of its institutional supply of this Bitcoins since 2016. The Benefic aspect of the ninth house will definitely bring some success towards the start. Saturn is placed in the second house and this means unnecessary expenditures. Sun in the Sixth house means all kind of challenges and loans by the opposition. Mars is placed in the sixth house and it is almost getting diminished or finished suggests the age of this cryptocurrency and suggests the short life of this currency. At the same time Venus of the fourth and the eleventh house is located in the eighth house is pointing towards its failure in the times to come.

    During (January 2018 – February 2019) the malefic aspect of Mars influences Saturn. Which means that this will mean that after sometime once it crosses the seventh house will meet again with a position of fifth and ninth house respectively. This arrangement means that it will still be able to create its influence on people, but since Mars is under the influence of Ketu It will surely bring in lot of fluctuations in its price starting February 2019 onwards.

    Post February 2019 to December 2021 the malefic aspect of Rahu will influence Saturn. Which will bring the sixth aspect of the planetary movements in to play Since Jupiter has its cruel aspect in to play because of the influence of Rahu. Since Saturn, lies in the second house may even bring destruction and death. Saturn during this period lies in the house of cancer. This kind of arrangement will start with some sort of controversy and is likely to end the existence of Bitcoins.

    This means that Bitcoins will be history after 21st December 2021.