The Abhijit Mahurata

The science of Mahurata is a wonderful ancient science which helps in finding auspicious moment for important events. The AbhijitMahurata is especially auspicious

‘Mahurata’ which means electing an auspicious moment for any important event or ceremony is an ancient science. There is a famous English saying, “Well begun is half done”. This saying applies verbatim to ‘Mahurata’, it is believed that by carefully electing an auspicious moment and beginning work in that moment success can be expected.

So, life can be made happy and successful by carrying out important events like marriage ceremony,enteringa new house, buying a new vehicle, joining a new job, commencing a journey etc. in the appropriately elected auspicious mahuratas.

An auspicious Mahurata assures the success of that work, though it is not meant to change the destiny. But if the work is successfully done, then of course it has the potential to change our destiny.

Our ancient seers and scholars have set out certain principles to work out the auspicious mahurat to perform various events of our life without any obstacles. A wide description in regards to Mahurata has been mentioned in the scripture MahurataChintamani. To decide an auspicious day and time for various functions, ‘Panchang’ (with five limbs- (Tithi (lunar date), Vaar (weekday), Nakshatra (constellation), Yoga, and Karan (Half of a tithi) is taken into consideration. In other words Mahurata is the auspicious combination of these five limbs called ‘Panchang’.Mahurata for different events is calculated differently.

The consultant needs to spend lot of time in order to elect an auspicious Mahurata for an important event. Sometimes it is difficult to spare time and people need to immediately know an auspicious Mahurata for such cases the Abhijit Mahurata is the best.

Abhijit Mahurata …

Abhijit Mahuratais for a total period of 48 minutes around the midday time for a place and date. The Sunrise and sunset times vary during the year for any place so we need to know the sunrise and sunset times. For example if the sun rise time is 6 a.m. and sunset is at 6 p.m. then for that day 12 PM is the exact midday so the Abhijit Mahurata will be from 11:36 AM to 12:24 PM.

Abhijit Muhurata is considered very auspicious due to the powers of Lord Vishnu’s Chakra and Trishul of Lord Shiva which are incorporated in this Muhurata.

There is a difference between Abhijit Mahurata and Abhijit Nakshatra. The origin of Abhijit Nakshatra starts in Uttara Ashada Nakshatra 4 pada, and continues up to Shravana Nakshatra’s first four Ghatis. Lord of this Nakshatra is Brahma. But this Nakshatra has not been counted in the list of main 27 Nakshatras. Mansagiri Jyotish Grantha says – that the person born in Abhijit Nakshatra is handsome docile, popular, famous & glorious.

If ‘Abhijit Nakshatra’ coincides with Abhijit Mahurata, its auspiciousness is further increased. The work commenced in this Mahuratais accomplished immediately without any hurdles. Lord Shri Ram was born in this auspicious Mahurata, at the time when Abhijit Nakshatra and Abhijit Muhurata both coincided at a time. Goswami Tulsidas has described about the birth of Lord Rama beautifully in Balkaand of Ramcharit Manas.

When it is difficult to decide the auspicious Muhurata or Shubha Lagna for an important event in life, the selection of Abhijit Muhurata is the right decision. The work done in this Muhurata is successful. If Waxing Moon (fifteen days of ShuklaPaksha) and SwaarthSidhi Yoga also fall during this Muhurata, it proves to be the most auspicious Mahurata. It assures hundred percent successes and the native gets all happiness and prosperity in life.

It is widely known, that the followers of Sikh dharma perform all their auspicious work and marriage ceremony etc. on Sundays at midday. So irrespective of their awareness about this auspicious Mahurata the selected time is auspicious.