SUPTA VAJRASANA (supine thunderbolt pose)




1. Sit with both legs folded and placed under the hips. Let your heels touch the hips with toes touching each other.

2. Slowly part your legs in such a way that your hips rest between the feet.

3. Then tilt backwards, resting the elbows one by one behind. Gradually rest your shoulders and head flat on the ground. 4. Then stretch your hands upwards and make a cushion under your head. Breathing should be normal. Retain the posture for some time and then return to the normal sitting position in reverse order.

Benefits & Precautions:

This is one of the useful variations of Matsyasana. It helps in treating ailments of the neck, back and waist. It also makes the spine resilient and streamlines the abdomen. However, persons suffering from severe pain in knee joints or slipped disc and lumbago should avoid Suptavajrasana.