Story Behind Karva Chauth

What is the story behind ‘Karva Chauth’?


In ancient time, a pious lady ‘Karva’ was staying with her husband in a village, situated at the bank of a river. Once Karva’s husband went to the river for bathing and a crocodile caught his leg. His husband called his wife’s by her name for help. Karva ran to her husband by hearing the noise and then tied the crocodile with the help of yarn.

After tiding the crocodile, Karva directly went to the Yamraj and said, “O Lord, one crocodile has caught my husband’s leg, please kill that crocodile for that crime to caught my husband’s leg and send him to the hell.” After listening to the Karva, he replied, “The crocodile’s life is still remaining, so I could not kill him.” Then Karva said, “ If you will not kill that crocodile and save my husband, I’ll kill you by my curse.”

Yamraaj got scared by Karva’s warning. He came with her to the place where crocodile has caught her husband’s leg and sent him to the hell by killing him. He saved karva’s husband and blessed him with the long life. The pious Karva saved her husband’s life by her spiritual power and this spectacular event is prevalent as Karva Chauth.

Karva Chauth, The Ocaasion of Karva Chauth 2018