Solar Eclipse Year June 2020 – What to Know About It

Solar Eclipse

You will see solar eclipse on 21 June year 2020 on Sunday. This eclipse will begin at 9:15 AM in the morning. It will remain active till after noon 3:03 pm. It will be visible in India as well as America, South Asian Europe including Africa. Experts say that people seeing this solar eclipse should be very careful. They should use security equipments while seeing and viewing this eclipse. This is because the UV rays of the sun may cause much damage to the eyes of those who are viewing this eclipse.

Total time of this solar eclipse
On the forthcoming Sunday 21 June 2020 the solar eclipse will be seen and visible in various parts of the entire world. This eclipse will begin during morning 10:31 am till afternoon 2:04 pm. This eclipse will be at its peak at 12:18 am. The total time of this eclipse will be 3 hours and 35 minutes.

Do’s and don’ts during the Chandra Grahan

Where will the eclipse be seen?

In India this solar eclipse will be seen partially in cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kokatta, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Lucknow, Chennai and others. Besides this the eclipse will be also visible in Nepal, Europe, Pakistan, Saudi Arab, Ethopia and Congo. Sutak occurs 12 hours before the starting of solar eclipse. During this time doing auspicious tasks is restricted. During the period of Sutak all temples are closed. Due to this seeing and worshipping deities is not done. Yet there are some temples in India that are open and there worship is being done.

Kalhasti temple in Andhra Pradesh to worship Lord Shiva during solar eclipse

You might know that in India there is one such temple named Kalhasti in Andhra Pradesh that remains open even during the sutak period of the eclipse. During this time Rahu and Ketu are worshipped in this temple. Other temples of India remain closed for 12 hours during the eclipse. On the other hand this temple in Andhra Pradesh offers worship to Rahu and Ketu during the sutak eclipse. The Kalhasti temple belongs to Lord Shiva, in this temple worship of Rahu and Ketu are worshipped and kalsarp yoga is also pacified. Those who have planetary afflictions in their horoscope, they come to this temple and worship Lord Shiva and Devi Gyana Prasoon Amba.

Mahakal temple in Ujjain for worship during the solar eclipse

In the state of Madhya Pradesh the temple of Mahakaleshwara also remains open during the solar eclipse. Here priests worship and chant the name of Mahakal. On the other hand other temples in India remain closed during the eclipse. The reason behind this is that all vaishnava temples remain closed during solar and lunar eclipses. On the other hand shaive temples remain open during the period of eclipse. For this reason in Ujjain the temple of Lord Mahakal remains open. During this time the priests of this temple worship Mahakal to reduce the effect of the eclipse. If any of you are afflicted by the planets in your horoscope then you can come here to appease planets by worshipping Lord Mahakal during solar and lunar eclipse.