Shanishchari Amavasya / Saturn New Moon

‘Shanishchari Amavasya’, is an auspicious occasion for those who want positive results from Saturn, whatever remedies are performed on this day, Shani Dev gets appeased easily. Shani Dev inspires one to lead a prosperous life and decrease their miseries.


To ward off the malefic effects of Saturn, one should perform the following remedies

1. Heat one litre of mustard oil with two and half a kilos of jaggery. When it starts to boil, remove it from the heat. When it cools down, look inside it. Now take two fifty grams black sesame seeds and rotate seven times around your head and leave them into this concoction. Mix them and keep this mixture on chapatti and give it to a black dog or black cow to eat.

2. Fry Poori in Sesame seeds oil on Amavasya day. Cook brinjal vegetable in the left over oil. Keep this cooked vegetable on a Poori and cover it with another Poori. Feed seven beggars with this kind of arrangement of pooris at least for eleven Amavasya.

3. Donate items like iron things, whole black urad dal, black sesame seeds, oil, articles made of leather, black blanket, black cloth, black umbrella, black shoes etc on Saturday.

Chant ‘om shan shaneshcharaye Namah’ to appease lord Shani

4. Pour milk in the root of banyan tree on Amavasya day and move around the tree 108 times. Put tilak on forehead with wet clay formed near the root of banyan tree and pray to Lord to cast away all your miseries.

5. Cook Bade from Urad dal and feed the crows with them.

6. Light a mustard oil lamp near Peepal tree and take black thread, bade made of urad dal, and water on Amavasya day. Pour this water and take 108 rounds around the tree and unroll the thread around the grid of tree. Keep praying to the Lord. One gets free from the pains caused by Shani.

7. Saturn is said to be the signification of separation (separating planet). One side it is considered death inflicting planet, the other side it bestows one with materialistic excellence and wealth.

8. There are many sayings prevalent in our society which create havoc and bring bad name for this planet. Such as, all misfortunes in life are all because of Saturn, or miseries are chasing like Saturn. Some fake astrologers play a very important role in spreading fear in people’s mind. Like Saturn Sadesati is on or you are under the influence of Saturn Mahadasha. You are aspected by Saturn, debilited Saturn is placed in your gain house; Retrograde Saturn is in profession house etc etc. This makes the native shiver and pale out of fear.