Set up Your Child’s Room as per Vaastu

Set up Your Child’s Room as per Vaastu

Not only elders but even a growing up child needs personal space for all-round development. This space must be set as per Vaastu principles for balancing the energies.


A growing child needs parental care and support in order to have perfect all-round development at physical, mental as well as spiritual levels.

For emotional balance each one of us need some personal space and privacy. Providing a separate room for a child is an essential step towards his or her ideal development.

We can balance the energies flowing in this room by following some basic Vaastu principles.

Best Location for Children’s Room

The children’s room is best located in the north, east, north-east or the north-west directions. In case locating child’s room is not possible in these directions then consider the southeast. Strictly avoid the south or southwest directions for child’s room.


Basic set up is shown in the sketch above. The right position for the bed is along the west side away from southwest corner. The child should sleep with feet towards east.The study table needs to be placed along the eastern wall so that the child sits facing east. Computer table is ideal in the southeast corner again child sitting facing east. Vastu for Home

♣ Place all furniture viz. bed and tables etc. at least 3 to 4 inches away from walls. The gap between the items and the wall allows free flow of positive ‘Chi’ energy.

♣ Hang pictures of beautiful natural sceneries on the walls and place fresh flowers in a vas.

♣ Hang curtains of light shades of green, blue or cream colours and also paint the walls with such colours.

♣ Avoid too bright colours which may distract child’s attention.

♣ Avoid placing a television set in children’s room.

♣ Avoid hanging pictures of deceased family members and instead hang beautiful sceneries.

Remedies for Vaastu Defects

In case there are Vaastu defects due to wrong location of the room or some othger reason then take advice of a Vaastu expert. As general cure fix energised Sooriya (Sun)Yantra on the east wall and Budh (Mercury)yantra on the north wall of the room.

These yantras will overcome some Vaastru defects and aid the child in concentrating on study and stay relaxed.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar