Sawan Shivratri


Shivratri which falls under the Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi of the Sawan month is known as Sawan Shivratri. It is also called as Shravana Shivratri.

According to Hindu calendar, Sawan Shivratri gives desired fruits, money, luck, prosperity, progeny and wellness to the Shiva devotees. This festival is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. On this auspicious day, devotees of Shiva keep on fast for the whole day and worship Shiva Linga.

The festival of Sawan Shivratri is celebrated on a larger scale in the states of North India such as Uttrakhand, Rajasthan, Uttar Pardesh, Madhye Pardesh, Punjab etc. There are a lot of famous Shiva temples in North India like Kashi Vishwanath and Badrinath Dham, who perform special pujas and Shiva Darshan in the month of Sawan.

Fast of Shivratri

On the fest of Shivratri, devotees take a holy bath in the morning. Then, they take a pledge to observe full day fast on Shivratri and to finish the fast on next day. They keep the fast with self determination to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. Also, devotees can take bath in the evening before starting the Shiva pooja. In order to get maximum benefit of the fast, they can break their fast before the end of Chaturdashi Tithi.

Importance of Sawan Shivratri

Sawan Shivratri has a great importance in the individual’s life. On this day, millions of devotees visit Shiva temple and perform special Gangajal Abhishekham to get the Shiva’s blessings.

As per the old tradition and custom, Kanwarias (who carry holy water from Gangas) in large numbers visit Ganga to carry holy water and then do Jalabhisheka of the statue of Lord Shiva with that water in the Shiva temple or at home to please Lord Shiva. It is believed that performing puja on Sawan Shivratri with complete devotion and faith fulfills all the wishes of devotees. According to religious mythology, in the month of Shravan, offering a Bilvptr to Shiva destroys the sins of three births.

Rituals of Shivratri Puja

• Devotees, who are going to keep fast on Shivratri, should have only single meal a day before the fasting of Shivratri.

• On the day of Shivratri, you should get up before sunrise in the morning and take the holy bath. If possible, you can take bath in Gangas. Holy bath purifies your body as well as soul.

• After taking bath, people take auth to keep full day fast and finish it successfully.

• In fasting, you should not take any kind of food and even water. However, you can take fruits and milk during day time.

• You should perform the puja of Lord Shiva in the evening after taking second bath.

• Shiva Puja can be performed during night for more than one time.

You should chant the Mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaye’ during puja duration.

• You can do the worship of Lord Shiva with different materials including milk, rose, water, sandalwood paste, honey, ghee, sugar and water.

After applying Chandan or Kumkum to the Shiva Linga followed by lighting lamp and Dhupa, you can offer flower of Madar and Vibhuti.